Sunday, 13 April 2014

BP EARTHWATCH : Pulsating Beam Hits the Sun/The Images are being Removed

Et's protecting earth from too big of a CME?
Giant UFO shoots laser in the Sun – Oct 9, 2012
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Giant UFO near the Sun shooting huge laser beam? - Feb 25, 2013

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An earthquake earlier Friday injured 200 and was linked to one death. The president of Nicaragua issued the country’s highest earthquake alert level Friday as ongoing aftershocks rock the area after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck the country earlier in the day, the Associated Press reports. The alert forced some schools to close and 155 people in at-risk areas to be evacuated.

The government said 200 people were injured and one 23-year-old woman died of a heart attack after the initial earthquake. It also said 800 homes were damaged in the town of Nagarote, about 30 miles northwest of the capital, Managua. 

Is this a man-made event ...

The Air Force's Mysterious secret X-37B plane being the object in question .

Major activity on the sun! 

Maybe that pulse is a result of war out there ... 

We all know the spiritual significance of the up coming Blood Moons 

Stay vigilant .

CLICK LINK BELOW TO WATCH as Embedding disabled by request

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