Saturday, 19 April 2014


Teachings from the books:


Here are some extracts from the KESHE books.

They give you a better understanding in the principles.

The question for the Man to ask of his existence, is that how does the matter like him, who is the user and the producer of the same physical entities as stars, how does his existence will shine and operate in the span of the universe after the demise of his physical life on this matter strength environment?

May be it is the time for the Man to come to understand the true meaning of the light, as all beings in the universe announce their existence through the emission of the light into and onto their surroundings.

This technology of the light ray's protection gives the man the ultimate knowledge for survival and brings the man knowledge and intelligence in par with and equal to the knowledge known to the rest of the universal manifestations and the same we have served our purpose in bringing the same to all men of progress.

Thus would be correct for the Man to consider his connection beyond his physical existence and through the light of his presence during its time, and hence would the soul of the man be of the light of the confirmation of his existence.

Be wise to the truth of the creation of the man, if the light of wisdom is the light of the soul from the time of beginning to the end of time. This light will exist and will be the source of the confirmation of everlasting existence of his soul, as the light of far distance star after billions of years are shining in the deepest part of the universe, this has been and shall be destined for the soul of the Man throughout all times of the existence of the universe.

Thus it can be said:

Man has come from,
He exists, operates through and
He shall return to the Light

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