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Yellow Emperor (Huang-Di) : The Ancient Chinese ruler who descended from the skies

Several ancient cultures relate how kings and rules who descended from the skies were later referred to as "Gods" and their offspring were described as "half-gods".

Ancient Chinese records talk of a very special being that depending on the sources is described as a god-like-king, a "son of the heavens" or a half-god.

This very powerful and intelligent being was known as the Yellow Emperor (Huang-Di).

He was a legendary ruler and ancestor of the Chinese people who is said to have lived in the third millennium B.C. for 100-118 years. He is credited with having invented Chinese medicine; various religious practices, including worship of the sun, moon, and five planets; and technological inventions, like the compass and calendar.

"It is also believed there were many inventions originated from the time of Yellow Emperor, such as characters, ships and carts, medicines, music, sericiculture [Silk cultivation] and some daily utensils. Thus Huangdi was said to be the founder of Chinese civilization.

There are several reasons why the Yellow Emperor was special and different.

He had a very strong connection with the heavens and there are those who consider him a being not of this world.

According to the legend, when the Yellow Emperor was born there was "a radiance from the great star Chi and the Dipper Constellation (Ursa Major).

His conception was marked by a "thunderclap on a clear day in the skies".

It was believed that he lived in the Kunlun-Mountains which are in the heart of Tibet. It is also said that his wife was "a woman from the skies"

After he lived and ruled for over 100 years he is said to have prepared his "return to the skies".

Then a metallic Dragon "descended from the sky and took Huang-Di away".

According to other sources, he did not die at that age, but lived another 200 years in the Syuan Yuan stars (the Leo Constellation).

Johannes Hevelius' Ursa Major from Uranographia (1690)

The Yellow Emperor wrote a very mysterious book called "Bai Ze Tu" which describes 11520 types of "shapeshifters, monsters, spirits, beings" in the Universe. This book is considered lost.

Huang-Di, or the Yellow Emperor was possesed knowledge of technology and invented manys strange mechanical devices.

One example was a machine called "the south pointing chariot". It helped him win various battles.

Another peculiar device which Huang-Di is supposed to have invented is what is translated as "a tripod". This "tripod" was 4 meters in height and "100s of energies filled its inside" and made "odd noises". According to legend this tripod depicted "dragons flying in the clouds".

When the tripod was set up at the "Summit Lake Mountain" , one of Chinas most famous mountains it "had to be pointed at the Syuan Yuan star", that is our name for the brightest star in this Constellation is Regulus.

This is also the star Huang-Di is said to be from. Apparently this "tripod" was also able to store data, as they say it recorded the life and times of Huang-Di.

The Biography of Huang-Di states that the Changhuan as his Chariot is called, could cover an extreme distance in only a short period of time and that a human who "rides" it can get very old- an age of two thousand years.

Does it not sound like a description of a spaceship and time dilation?


We have seen on so many occassions before there is a lot of truth in many myths. Why should the myth of the Yellow Emperor be different? It simply relate the story of a very unusual being who came from the skies, visited our planet for a period of time, gave humans vital knowledge and later returned to the stars.

We encounter similar stories among many myths and legends worldwide.

Was the Yellow Emperor an extraterrestrial who came from Regulus or another place in the Universe?

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