Monday, 20 January 2014

The Fairy Faith - (In Search of Fairies - Documentary)

The ‘Good People’s’ Music.–‘As sure as you are sitting down I heard the pipes there in that woodI heard the music another time on a hot summer evening at the Rath of Ringlestown, in a field where all the grass had been burned off; and I often heard it in the wood of Tara. Whenever the good people play, you hear their music all through the field as plain as can be; and it is the grandest kind of music.

It may last half the night, but once day comes, it ends.’

People killed and murdered in war stay on earth till their time is up, and they are among the good people. The souls on this earth are as thick as the grassand you can’t see them; and evil spirits are just as thick, too, and people don’t know it. 

Because there are so many spirits knocking (going) about they must appear to some people. The old folk saw the good people a hundred times, and they’d always be talking about them. The good people can see everything, and you dare not meddle with them. They live in raths, and their houses are in them. The opinion always was that they are a race of spirits, for they can go into different forms, and can appear big as well as little ... among the many spirits that populate all things and places in the earth.

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