Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ancient Knowledge ... Full Documentary

The footprint of god, the mystery of the pyramids and ancient monuments, DNA and the mystery of universe and life are all explored in this engaging film.

From the nature of consciousness and the evidence for a conscious universe (matter always follows mind) to the builders of the Great Pyramids and the common elements they have with other ancient Pyramids and monuments and with sacred math and geometry.

This movie has got it all and just explodes many of the myths that will open your mind up to new possibilities and no matter how long it takes you to watch the entire film, there’s some real priceless information about stem cells and the effect of the environment on the genetics.

This movie actually fills ones heart with Freshness and Love, for it teaches us about what is happening all around us, and that whatever it is, we certainly are loved and do share a part in it by simply being able to be aware of what this movie is showing us.

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