Tuesday, 28 January 2014

PYRAMIDS AND THE WANDS OF HORUS : The beings who gave people knowledge of mathematics architecture astronomy and medicine

However much humanity tries to uncover the secret of why the Pyramids were built, the darkness obscuring it remains impenetrable for the uninitiated eye. And it will remain so until one who has begun to see clearly takes a look at the ruins of the past civilization and sees the world as the ancient hierophants saw it. Then this liberated one will recognize the reality of what humanity still rejects, of what was for the hierophants not a myth or an abstract religious ideology, but a practical guide for action.

At the base of the entire Ancient Egyptian state and religious system lay ideas and knowledge obtained from some even more ancient, highly developed civilization.


''The First Time'' 
or the era of the Neferu, 
when the Neferu lived on the Earth 
and talked with people

Here is what the ancient book of the Maya priests has to say about the abilities of the Neferu:

They were endowed with insight; they looked and their gaze immediately reached its target.

They excelled in vision; they excelled in knowledge of everything in the world. When they looked around
they immediately saw and contemplated from top to bottom the vault of the heavens and the interior of
the earth.

Great was their wisdom, their sight reached the forests, the rocks, the lakes, the seas, the mountains and the valleys.

Truly they were amazing people.

They were capable of comprehending everything and they studied the four corners of the sky, the four points of the sky, the vault of the heavens and the interior of the earth.

The ancient Mayan book
Part III, Chapter 2.


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