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MICHAEL TSARION : QUEEN OF ENGLAND'S TAROT CARD CORONATION and the origins of the psychopath mind



Michael Tsarion discusses the historical significance of ancient Ireland and takes us on a truly fascinating journey through time, from the Emerald Isle to Egypt and back again full circle. Along the way we are introduced to the Druids and also to their destroyers, the Atonists. We discover the origins of the world's most powerful secret societies and the New World Order they labor to create. We discover secret facts about the royal dynasties of Britain and Europe, the Empire of Rome, and about Masonic influence in America ...




Behind the veil of folklore, thereis much to say about alien visitation, genetic manipulation, wars of the gods, the coming of evil, the Anti-Christ, and the degradation of spirit. It is doubtful whether you will watch and hear anything more lucid concerning the fascinating mysteries of occultism, genetics, Darwinism, ufology, the paranormal, the phenomena of evil, secret-society intrigue, the New World Order and the future of the human race.

The reversal of roles came about with the birth of the psychopathic gene. This was a natural development that had to be available as an option at some time so that if selected, then the consequences would then play out and demonstrate the stupidity of such a choice. Which is where we are right now. It is an unfortunate fact of life that you do need to make mistakes in order to learn. 

Right now, all that is going on is that we are about to suffer the consequences of allowing the development of a gene that, in its acceptance among so many, has gone on to disguise itself from the masses by assuming the most powerful positions of influence in order to invert people’s perception of right and wrong and brainwash them into believing the rubbish that is pumped out by the media and the drivel that is pumped out by every single MP and person of any influence in order to pervert planetary evolution. 

If you have any sense at all you will avoid any product that comes wrapped with a union jack, you will begin to realize that the most corrupt organizations in the country are those that have the word "British" in their title. The two that spring to mind are The BBC and British Gas, the main aim of which for both is to hypnotize people into being ripped off by policies that are designed to deceive and extort.

It is possible to fully recognize that the birth of the psychopathic gene came about because of a pure, unadulterated lust for gold.

The Queen of England's 

Tarot Card Coronation 


What we are left with now is a bunch of super intelligent psychopaths, virtually in charge of the entire world with just a couple more maneuvers to pull off, that will, from their point of view, wipe out vast numbers of no longer required and non-productive members of society and render the New World Order a reality. 

The NWO is the only thing that has ever been constantly true throughout all of the conspiracy and counter-conspiracy. Try to get to terms with the fact that you are all, either partially or completely, mind-controlled, and start reversing the process by never ever listening to the TV ... accepted the fact that everything you hear is PATHOLOGICALLY false, in order to distract you from true understanding.

The reality of the current state of humanity is that people have just had their chance to show what they can do as leaders and directors of life on earth. The earth was truly a paradise, life was an ongoing state of nirvanic bliss with all creatures knowing and understanding their role as being part of the whole. Relating to the concept that is called "Oneness" ... it should be "Allness". Calling it oneness reflects the selfish nature of the psychopathic gene. Creation is the Mother of ALL, the one who the evil men never could summon up the bottle to change the sex of, Earth and Nature.

Humans have raped and pillaged the planet and every living creature that ever walked has had to suffer because of their suppression of the female influence. What they have attempted to do is brainwash us all into thinking that technological advance is a reflection of intellect and intelligence. Anybody with a brain, who sits down and asks the question, in terms that are devoid of the influence todays utterly false idea about what constitutes success, "Has the last 200 years, which has witnessed the industrial revolution, and enabled the capability of any one of a number of nations to destroy the entire planet at the push of a switch, advanced civilization? 

Is civilization, in fact, a desirable objective? 

Would not it be better to be born as an earthworm and be guaranteed of a fair chance of a good life, than to be born as a human into an age of male dominated dog eat dog hell on earth, where the biggest criminals are the people who are running our lives? 


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