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SPACE WAR : Final battle between Humans and Aliens for the control of Planet earth’s surface

Have human looking hybrids actually been stationed inside the pentagon and the SSG deep black programs in managerial or consulting roles?

It has been reported by several respected individuals who worked in sensitive Pentagon positions that there have been human appearing alien hybrids actually stationed inside the pentagon working on sensitive projects and even assuming high management positions due to their superior IQ’s and secret Psi-powers. Psi-powers are best defined as super-natural appearing spiritual powers that allow individuals to have perceptions and power over other people’s thought and actions that would not normally be possible.

Have high level progressively revealing “leaks” become policy and are they required as a part of human-alien treaties?

Apparently highly placed individuals have been instructed to leak this information as part of a strategy to push complete or near complete disclosure of the “alien presence” and their agenda despite the reluctance of those at the top of MJ-12 and their controllers to allow this.

In the past up until several years ago there was a “no-talk rule” that was strictly enforced by with-prejudice terminations (file name for first degree. Premeditated murder supposedly justified in order to protect “national security” which translated really means in order to protect the security and power of the “national security state” which in reality is the world’s second largest RICO crime syndicate (Centralized world banking is currently the largest RICO crime syndicate).

Readers can assume that a “green light” has been given all the way down the line to allow protection for disclosure of this sensitive subject. The reason is that for the first time it is now known for sure that there is a deep split in MJ-12 between the old boys and the newbies and certain agreements are being called on right now to allow this.

Are there different coalitions within MJ-12?

Yes, there are two main coalitions that have formed and the younger one that wants complete disclosure has allegedly been approached separately by alien representatives that have suggested that they can push hard now for disclosure and that the senior MJ-12 folks have been “barred” from stopping it.

It is alleged that there is an over-riding agreement still in place that requires complete disclosure by the end of 2015. And if this is not attained, fleets of alien anti-gravity craft (AGCs) will allegedly descend on the capital cities of the world to force disclosure.

There are different viewpoints of what aliens are among respected UFO researchers.

There are several main schools of serious UFO/Alien researchers, with each group believing that aliens are real entities. One group believes that these are off-planet alien entities that have come to earth to “provide a better way” after nuclear weapons were developed and deployed, and this is being done as representatives of a “star fleet”, an interplanetary organization of different aliens which is now approaching earth leaders in order to prevent them from going wild with this nuclear bomb technology and harming the universe, or at least the part they inhabit. This group believes that these star fleet aliens are basically very advanced, good entities that only want to promote peace and protection of the Universe for every entity’s good.

Another group believes that these alien entities are bifurcated into different types, with one type, alien Reptoids, who live in underground bases before humans particularly. They believe that these Reptoids are particularly aggressive and lords over large and small grays which are subservient to these dominant ones, with the small grays very submissive cloned androids, that is genetically created, spiritless remote slaves. This second group believes that aliens thus pose the greatest current threat to mankind that has ever occurred and any and every possible action must be taken to gain their technology in order to have the tools to resist them and eventually gain victory over them.

And a third group believes that there are tall white Nordic type aliens that live in the colder areas of the earth in underground bases in Antarctica and the southern part of South America. It is alleged that this group approached the Vrils and the Thule party and supplied their advanced alien weapons systems, knowledge of nuclear energy and bombs, as well as anti-gravity technology to the Nazis who in turn shared it with the British and Americans in a special agreement in 1943 under Operation paperclip when they realized the war was going to be lost. It has been reported from credible sources that the Tall White or Nordic aliens continue growing in height as they age and eventually “outgrow” their internal organs which causes illness and death. It was these Nordic types that Hitler was informed of by the Thule party officials who allegedly gained contact with them and their technology through the Vril women.

Some within MJ-12 view cooperation with alien hybridization programs as a necessary evil in order to continue to gain desired alien high technology.

Within MJ-12 there is also a split of how these aliens are viewed with most viewing them as deceptive, self-serving and a necessary evil that the SSG must cooperate with in order to develop enough advanced weapons technology with which to effectively resist them and defeat them when an expected attempt is made to invade planet earth.

It is generally believed within MJ-12 that there are “rules of play” to the Universe set in place that require a certain mass or majority of humans to grant consent in order for any invasion or even any generally open appearance and establishment of a joint alien/civilian world government, which is allegedly what the top alien controllers really want but only the older MJ-12 folks want. However many inside MJ-12 believe that unless the alien agenda is deployed, the world will self-destruct due to mass pollution, disease starvation, disease and pestilence.

Certainly there are some newbies in MJ-12 that believe that some senior controllers have been effectively mind-kontrolled and “taken over” by the aliens from working too close with them.

So it seems that MJ-12 is sort of in a tough spot, between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps one way to delay any “alien descent” is to initiate a nuclear WW3 which according to rumors is what aliens fear the most, contamination with radiation because they are especially sensitive to certain kinds of this.

And it has also been alleged that the Fukushima staged disaster was an attempt to poison the deep underwater alien base now being constructed in the Pacific Ocean. This disaster was staged by detonating a nuke on the sea bed causing a Tsunami and then detonating a security camera which contained a mini-nuke while activating a Stuxtnet/Flame type NSA developed computer virus to de-activate the backup cooling systems, thus creating a meltdown required to poison the Pacific basin with radiation.

VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff has claimed that there is recent evidence to suggest that aliens have been populating a large undersea Pacific base and have formed a new alliance with the Chinese military and may be attempting to manipulate the Western leaders (1). Could the Fukushima staged disaster be an attempt to irradiate these alien Pacific seabed bases and are these aliens in fact Reptoids getting ready to attempt an above ground takeover of planet earth?

Some inside MJ-12 believe that if world leaders work together to radically reduce the world’s population by at least 80% and institute draconian controls over all peoples while staging geo-engineered terra forming, that the aliens will agree to proceed with their planned occupation of Africa and forego a complete world takeover.

It has been alleged that the Reptoids are pushing hard for very Draconian and radical depopulation of the earth and Agenda 21 controls.

So the alleged choice is cooperation with the alien required geo-engineered terra-forming, radical depopulation, and a systematic roll-out of Agenda 21 accompanied by the re-population of the earth with alien-human hybrids which will instinctively “serve the central hive”, or the alternative to suffer a complete alien takeover with deployment of their much more drastic depopulation solutions.

The operating philosophy of the alien leaders who meet and work with SSG personnel in these joint alien—hybrid breeding experiments is that the human race is damned to destruction unless re-engineered to be instinctively hive-oriented hybrid with the collective greater good as its main goal.

Allegedly top MJ-12 folks in the past have played along with this “alien agenda” in order to gain access to enough high technology to be able to fight them effectively in a future war of the ages, but some who are close to the situation see this differently.

These who see it differently believe that these top MJ-12 have been mind-kontrolled and compromised and are now “hived” to serve the alien leaders, having their souls extracted and replaced with a hive entity, some would describe as a demonic or Jinn entity.

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