Sunday, 26 January 2014

CHRIS EVERARD : SCOTLAND - Knights Templar Loch Ness Mysteries and Aleister Crowley




Aleister Crowley Introduced the Iconic Gray Alien

Many ancient cave paintings found all over the globe from the 'prehistoric' era eerily resemble the archetypal, typical "grey" entity described in countless UFO/abductee experiences and encounters. 

Just a coincidence? 

Highly unlikely:



The Illuminati, which involves many secret societies, Masonry being one of the biggest and most important ones for the so called Elite,  have come to gain control over the masses by infiltrating not only the Media but also the Music Industry, creating a new culture of sheople which are too busy working, eating and watching TV, to be asking any questions, indoctrinating our society with a brand new culture, a disposable one, like every product they sell to us nowadays, creating a society that will receive the New World Order with open arms, to come to be exterminated by it, in the process of implementation.

BLACK MAGICIAN JOHN DEE had a special relationship with Elizabeth 1st, 
determining her coronation date via his astrology, 
and serving for many years as a periodic aid 
and counselor to help bring in THE NEW WORLD ORDER

The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha GERMAN FAMILY

History reveals it is mostly by blood that the genealogy of power is secured throughout the ages. And all those unrelated to the head snakes, have been royally approved to do evil in their name. A cast of sociopaths commanding a tribe of psychopaths. It is no coincidence that all the usual suspects appear prominently on the membership list of Bilderberg. Needless to say they rarely miss a meeting.

Products of centuries of intermarrying between families, the questionable art of breeding human livestock has been cultivated to its extreme by different royal houses of (mostly) German descent festering over the European continent for many a century. As a result, this unholy, age-old cesspool of interbreeding gave birth to the most malicious type of human imaginable: the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha chieftain.

Drawing from such a disturbingly limited gene pool, this ancient tree produced a peculiar ruthless sort of individual- first draft of the clinical sociopath. Combine this ruthlessness with some repulsive psychological deviancy, and what you get is the European blue-blood par excellence.

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