Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Prince William Arthur.

Prince William born June 21st 1982 During the 666 [Saros] Solar Eclipse - On the eve of June 21, 1982, Druids, Witches, and Satanists from all over the world celebrated at pagan sites throughout Scotland, England, and Wales for what they knew would be a unique Summer Solstice, the day when their ancient Sun-God is to be reborn, venerated in a feast called the Feast of Lucifer's Rising.

Diana would only call him Will because of the I AM in his name... who is the author of creation?


In 1968 blood was taken from the shroud of turin.

The claim is that the person on the shroud of turin was cloned in 1982, and Diana was used as a vessel to bring in this body of Jesus Christ for evil purposes, a person who is without a soul to be the Antichrist who is Prince William that Satan could control.

Confirming the DNA of Prince William is the same on the Shroud of Turin will confirm to people he is the Messiah.

Prince William and Harry receive an implant under their skin.

Prince Charles'

.... coat of arms contains a visual representation of the Beast in Revelation 13. His name adds up to 666 in Hebrew and English. He has an RFID chip implanted into his right hand. He applied to be King of Europe. He wants to unite all the world's religions into one. He claims to be a decendent of King David and as such, he claims to be the rightful heir to David's throne.


There is some weird stuff out there. I believe there are mad scientists out there trying to create all kinds of animal-human hybrids.

Blood samples were taken off the Shroud in 1968. Prince William was born 1982. They could clone people long before Dolly. Dolly was for public display only. Whether it is actually the body of Jesus or not makes no difference. The DNA on the Shroud of Turin and that of William will be shown to match perfectly and only William has the alleged Merovingian and Davidic bloodline from Charles and Diana who was inseminated. She tried to kill herself several times with William in her womb because she knew she was just being used as a vessel.

She was killed because she was pregnant or about to be pregnant with her boyfriend who was a Muslim. The Royal Family could not have another Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.

She always called him Will because she wanted to leave out the "I AM". Will I AM. King William V. Change the W to two V's and change the i to an I so you get I AM VI VI VI. The legend of King Arthur was that he would return as the man-child to rule (rather than Jesus returning just He left to the cloud). William's middle name is Arthur.

King William V comes to 666 in Greek. Prince Charles of Wales comes to 666 in Hebrew and English. The next Pope is the 666th Pope

In Oveido, northern Spain, exists a Sudarium cloth of a dead person as that of the person of the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud and Sudarium have the exact same blood type AB.

Only 3% of the population has this blood type.

It was in a silver ark which other artifacts brought to Oveato from Jerusalem in the 7th century.

This would be the sister cloth of the Shroud of Turin.

The blood on the Sudarium could have created a clone which could be Prince William or the blood could have come off the Shroud. Makes no difference. The probability of both cloths is not 3% but 3% x 3% = 1 in 1000.

The blood type we know is AB, but the DNA will also be examined showing it is that of Prince William, both the Sudarium and the Shroud.

They already know there are 24 chromosomes. There is only suppose to be 23 on the Shroud.

This Shroud could not be as a result of it being planted on the face because then it would be distorted. The only possibility is that it was a short burst of energy that illuminated the cloth.

An intense burst of enrgy scorching the cloth in a millisecond of time. It was a short-time scale effect such as a burst of radiation.

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