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The Ganesh Particle, under the correct electrical impulse levels, 
was observed being liberated from the crystalline rock. 

It is currently believed that the Ganesh Particle is a dense
collection of electromagnetic waves, containing information,
and floating in a river of less dense electromagnetism

'Doctrine of Convergent Time-Lines'


Project Preserve Destiny

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die ?

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake ?

Choice war:

War of Choice 

War by Choice

"war of our choosing" to protect the homeland
against evil doers because, well just because.

The Ganesh Particle - discovered by Dr. Dan Burisch 
and outlined in the Lotus Protocol.

This mysterious particle is supposed to be the key to opening up the most powerful force in creation which is the 'seed of life' itself, and has the ability to heal damaged cells.

So we have echoes of the Epic of Gilgamesh where the hero Gilgamesh set out on a quest for the secret of immortality, and got tantalizingly close to success before being robbed by a wily serpent.

As a modern day version of Gilgamesh, Dr Burisch comes across as a very principled and spiritual man who wants to make sure that this esoteric and scientific knowledge is used in a responsible way since it has nothing less than the original creative force behind it, and can be used either for creation or great destruction.

These experiments ultimately had at least one or two very specific goals in mind for those who are actually behind them, and who pull the levers of power and money to guarantee their funding:

I. Their first goal is to play God. And to “play” with everything in God’s Creation.

II. Their second goal is to be God. And, especially to attain divine immortality.

Some at the very top of the pyramid really do want to live forever in the flesh without fear of ever dying. And that their inordinate fear of death arose from the way they chose to live their lives.

These misguided ones fail to understand some of the most basic laws of the universe:

#1 Everything that is created (that would be the entire created universe) will undergo dissolution/destruction right down to the smallest particles and energies.

#2 All living creatures and organisms will likewise undergo their own unique life cycle, which will always end in the death of the physical organism.

#3 Even the cosmos itself undergoes a cycle of creation, maintenance and dissolution followed by a period known as the void, which is completely devoid of physical manifestation.

The objective of attaining earthly immortality is complete and utter folly, especially given the way these scientists are going about it. Immortality, can only be attained by those who (i) follow a true path all the way back to the Godhead, and (ii) are lead by one who has already arrived there. Then, immortality is theirs “forever”. So are a lot of other things, but it doesn’t really matter anymore as the yearnings of an unenlightened human being completely dissolve and give way to a new state of supra-consciousness.
... part of a natural system which has been put in place by whatever god that one would want to deign as being the creator of the universe, as part of a natural system and not to be controllable by humankind.

The incredible story of Dr. Daniel Burisch 
who reveals his alleged participation 
in experiments with human and alien genetics

From the moment that Dan theorized its existence, the Ganesh Particle generated a great deal of interest from our 'black project' government and military organizations.

This thus raises religious issues such as the 'Seed of Life', 'Kerubim' (angelic protectors), 'Book of Genesis', etc.

Burisch is opposed by those inside the management system created to deal with extraterrestrials, the Committee of the Majority, who apparently want to manipulate this technology for the typical range of military-industrial uses that national security types are obsessed about in terms of credible 'threat scenarios'.

Imagine any threat possible, and if you can justify it as plausible, then you will have resources literally thrown at you as the national security system comes up with the advanced technology to deal with the new threat. In the process, of course, one unwittingly enhances the very threat that one is trying to prevent.

This self-fulfilling process has the unfortunate effect of mesmerizing national security strategists into believing the latest spin put to them by their 'strategists' or 'corporate consultants' who constantly dream up new technological responses to the latest threat scenario, and how this can be done without precipitating the very threat being prepared for.

Thus grows the military-industrial complex, a powerful hydra that secretly consumes billions of dollars as effortlessly as former Tyco executives ratchet up 'necessary' corporate expenses such as $6,000 shower curtains.

Dan Burisch has also worked with one extraterrestrial biological entity, a 'Gray' he called J-Rod, with whom he had a close working relationship with at Area 51. This J-Rod essentially performed a 'mind-meld' with him where he downloaded much valuable information on the genesis of life.

There are two factions of J-Rods or Grays. One faction is apparently helping Burisch in his research and is benign, and wants the knowledge disseminated in a way that helps humanity, and also assists the Grays/J-Rods themselves in repairing their own damaged DNA. The other faction of J-Rods/Grays is helping more reactionary national security types in getting more control of the Ganesh Particle so it can be utilised for the usual range of self-serving reasons around the usual formula of power, greed and exploitation.

The saga appears to hinge on two factions of Grays/J-Rods pitted against each other, and their respective human allies. In all this conflict, there is no mention of other extraterrestrial races who have been watching and interacting with humanity for millennia in some cases. No mention of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Galactic Federation.

The group of friendly extraterrestrials from the Galactic Federation or other interplanetary associations never participated in the secret agreements reached between governments and Gray extraterrestrials.

Essentially, we would have something akin to a Marxist-Leninist 'dictatorship of the proletariat' or Platonic 'Council of Guardians', that would be filled by the ranks of the elite controllers to guard us against 'reactionary' or 'unfriendly' extraterrestrials and their 'human assets' wanting to destabilize humanity and enslave us.

All of course to promote the continued operation and functionality of a secretive national security system that operates with minimal transparency and accountability. A further result would be to legitimize one faction of J-Rods/Grays as extraterrestrials that are worthy allies, despite the fact that these extraterrestrials participated for decades in secret agreements that involved human abductions, experiments and hybridization programs.

Policy decisions were taken. 

Mistakes were made. 
Lives were lost. 
Damage was done. 
We regret the inconvenience to planetary 
awareness, there were lapses in comprehension, 
there were ethical compromises. 
The result is regrettable. 
The data observed was based on good 
intelligence by analysts of the highest caliber, 
it was the one bureaucratic reason 
we all could agree upon.

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