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A coiled serpent within a mound represents the standing vortex created when ley lines cross each other.

None of these mounds were originally built to worship something but may have been used for worship at later dates.

Much like the long barrows which were originally built to generate a ley line/scalar wave and later used to bury people so histry decides to tell us they're burial mounds


ORBS ... Merlin's Mound and Silbury Hill are Standing Wave Vortex Generators.

West Kennet Long Barrow was used to generate Ley Lines.

ROD OF PTAH .... Green Sleeves ... RESONANCE music to levitate Stones


Did he utilise earth energies in some way, something particular to the (chalky) geological features of Wiltshire perhaps?

The chalk in Wiltshire is important ... the MOD ( Military of Defence ) are desperate to find out why


There are many many arguments for and against the purpose of the crop circles. When a crop circle is made, ley lines are created which connect the circle to existing vortices and lines. This happens whether they are man made or not. It is the same as placing a pin into an accupuncture point to heal the human body.

The pattern of a crop circle contains templates of concious information which is programed by the makers, again whether man made or not.

A crop circle could be made and programed for a negative purpose or a positive purpose and can be changed to a certain extent once created. The vortex in the centre of the circle moves energy in one of two directions, down into the Earth Grid or up and out into the surrounding Earth Grids. The directions are neither positive nor negative in motion, it is about taking energy away or bringing energy down.

ALL crop circles are embedded with a six pointed star whether visible or not. This six pointed star is the ORIGINAL sign of the Scalar Solitron Vortex Wave and is shown with the Swastika inside it. The swastika shows the spin of the energy, clockwise moves upwards and counter clockwise moves downwards. Hitler used this to gain his power. The swastika is not evil, it was the persons using it which used it for evil purposes.

Crop circles are also embeded with a five pointed star. Many people claim this is to sumon demons thus making all crop circles bad. Again it is the persons using it which make it this way. The crop circles you see in the fields contain embeded five pointed stars which can be clearly seen when the crop circle is spun very fast. This represents the five elements; earth, water, fire, wind and the ether.

When the Illuminati practise their most demonic satanic rituals in private, they will draw these star grids on the floor and use the elements to change the energy to allow them to summon demons.

We can help balance the grid by sending LOVE FROM INSIDE OUR HEARTS to these crop circles and vortices. This includes the demonic ones i.e. war memorials etc...

It is important to understand this process, duality can be confusing sometimes.

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