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THE KING OF THE TRAVELLERS ... In honour of the Pleiadian extraterrestrials

A certain alien group, who told Jmmanuel they were from the constellation of the seven stars—the Pleiades, were genetically compatible with us and had been visiting Earth in past scores of thousands of years.

Some 10,000 or so years ago they decided to oversee us in a manner that no longer involved themselves directly, and to give us some guidance in a similar indirect manner.

This they did by arranging to have a highly advanced spirit form or soul periodically reincarnate into the human race in the Middle East region, starting with the biblical Enoch.

Some 3000 years ago they decided the time was approaching when the key human lifetime of this spirit form should occur, for the purpose of teaching humanity some spiritual truths. So some 2000 years ago they brought about this incarnation, with that spirit form reincarnating into the fetus of Jmmanuel around A.D. 6, not 6 B.C.!

His alien procreator saw to it that Jmmanuel would receive intensive education in his youth, which involved those "lost years of Jesus" spent in India -- a topic receiving very substantial evidential support.

Thus Jmmanuel was an occasional contactee of these aliens.

They realized that his teachings would inevitably be distorted, but felt that mankind could only learn through making mistakes and then learning from those mistakes.

So they maintained a continued interest over the centuries.

However, the greatest of the heresies is that Jmmanuel survived the crucifixion, with the help of medical attention inside the tomb during three days and nights.

Then, after appearing to his disciples several times, he went on to Damascus where he stayed incognito a couple years, before sending for his mother Mary, brother Judas (Judas Thomas) and disciple Judas Iscariot to join him. Soon thereafter they started on their travels, of which various traditions speak.

The Talmud of Jmmanuel 

The "angel" who speaks to Joseph in a dream to tell him to go ahead and marry his betrothed, Mary, had been present in person, not in a dream. He was a "guardian angel," or ET, sent by Jmmanuel's ET father, Gabriel, to inform Joseph not to leave Mary.

The "star" of Bethlehem is instead a "bright light with a long tail" (i.e., a UFO) that hovers over the birthplace. A voice from this UFO craft had earlier informed the magi to commence their travel. Afterwards, this voice from the UFO (not within a dream) warns them not to return to Herod.

It is Gabriel, the celestial son, and not just "an angel of the Lord," who tells Joseph in person (not in a dream) to flee to Egypt with Mary and the infant, and who later advises him it is safe to return to the land of Israel.

It is a "metallic light" in the sky (UFO), not a spirit like a dove, that descends over the Jordan after the baptism. Jmmanuel departs in it and is not then seen again for 40 days.

The angel at the tomb is a guardian angel, who arrives in a "radiant light" that descends noisily from the sky. He is responsible for stunning the soldiers at the tomb into becoming temporarily like dead men. He is the one who speaks to the two Mary's at the tomb.

After Jmmanuel's last talk with his disciples, a "great light," having a metallic glitter in the sunshine, comes down from the sky and takes Jmmanuel aboard, ascends (the Ascension) and transports him to Damascus.
Thus, Jmmanuel was a very special contactee of these aliens ... received much instruction from them during the forty days he was taken with them (not with the devil!) before he was returned to Galilee.

Considering that Jmmanuel was a contactee whose mission was to teach spiritual truths in many lands, we must keep open the possibility that some time after traveling to northern India and settling down there, Jmmanuel was taken on extended tours to the Americas and back in his father's UFO.

He Walked the Americas

Etching on stone from the Burrows cave in Michigan

containing various native-American artifacts

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