Friday, 9 March 2012


Adamu of the Monadic Entity 
of the Pleiadian Civilisation.

Of all the questions put to those of us who you identified as "extra terrestrial" intelligences, the one we hear the most often, the question expressed with the most emotional intensity, is this:
"When are you going to appear in our skies? When are you going to land on earth? When is disclosure going to happen?"

Earth is one of an infinite number of places upon which life exists.

Of that infinity of points of origin a truly vast number of civilisations have, in this universe, evolved to the point where the boundaries of space and time have ceased to constrain them.

There are many methods to move faster than light.

It is in reality nothing more than an imaginary boundary.

In the past, on planet Earth, there were those that said the speed of sound was an unbreakable barrier. Now the faster aircraft measure their speed in how many multiples of the speed of sound they are able to fly. And in a similar way the light-speed barrier is very much one that can be overcome. You simply need to think a little differently about the physics of the universe. Some methods allow craft to travel very fast indeed and traverse inter galactic spaces in a matter of, what would seem like, weeks or months. Other, more advanced techniques are more about consciousness than physics.

The craft is really a being that is able to elevate its consciousness to higher dimensional levels where this universe is just one of many parallel structures of reality and then to return to the lower dimensions again, this time at the space/time nexus of the desired destination. Such a process allows the traveller to go from any point in space and time in any one of the possible alternate universes to any other point in space/time/probability in an instant. The translation might to a traveller objectively feel to have occurred in a matter of moments. But those moments are… mind expanding to say the least. You move into oneness with the universe and then return to separation and individuation again. It is a strange and wonderful thing to experience, especially the first few times. 

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