Saturday, 24 March 2012


... The Quality of Love which Manifests Itself as Balance

Upon the disclosure announcements and after the adjustment period that humanity will be given, you will of course see the decreed arrival of our starships and motherships as well as the arrival of many Ascended Masters on the beams of Light that they so enjoy traveling throughout Creation on.

The beams of Light that we speak of are higher dimensional etheric energies that surpass the purity of energies expressed and manifested in the third and fourth dimensions. This is how your Ascended Masters and etheric Guides prefer to travel, as they have evolutionarily surpassed the need or even the want to travel in and inhabit our starships and motherships.

This of course does not mean that they still do not accompany us on our starship and motherships, as indeed they do for there are many meetings that take place on a moment-to-moment basis in relation to events occurring on Earth, on other planets and in other Galaxies.

You will see our motherships and starships in their full beauty, and upon the adjustment that humanity must undergo after witnessing us in the physical so to speak, we will begin the touring and showing off of our craft as well as many other higher dimensional technologies that until now you have only heard of and [such technologies] have been assumed to be figments of the imagination of your science-fiction genre.


To those who are ready, when the time is right after our official arrival we will begin training you as to how to use and cooperate with our craft and with the craft that will become readily available to the majority of humanity.

We anticipate many souls being quite excited about trying out our craft and flying around in the beautiful sky of Gaia, and your consciousness levels will have increased substantially in purity by that time to ensure that you will be able to handle flying in our craft and indeed, taking in our ascended forms in our full purity and in our full awesomeness.

Your consciousness levels are currently quite dense compared to the purity of consciousness you will be experiencing upon the arrival of us as well as the arrival of the many synchronistic dates along your Cosmic Calendar that have yet to be reached but that will see glorious leaps and bounds in the individual and collective consciousness of humanity once such dates are reached and passed.

We can feel that your concept of time is indeed fading ever-efficiently, and this is because your bodies and souls are vibrating at a quicker and looser pace that sees the reality which you move around in also begin to vibrate at such faster paces.

It must be understood how you actually navigate through your reality and how you actually navigate through your concept of time for it to be understood exactly how your reality is speeding up in accordance with your ascension processes.

Of course, such things will be explained to you in ways that are so very clear and easy to understand on your part, and again the consciousness and intelligence levels of so many of you will have increased substantially by the times we speak of and this will see you better able to absorb the many truths and wonders that we have to share with you.

Again, we know that your journeys on Earth have been difficult and we can feel in our own ways the densities that you are feeling even right now, and we wish you to know that despite what you are going through, you are being lead to a wondrous future and the manifestation of this future is in progress at this very moment.

By this we mean that such ‘hot spots’ are areas of the various energy gates established in Gaia’s skies who are experiencing a rapid yet careful opening and expanding of themselves to bring through pure energies, the proportions of which have not been experienced in some cases before the times of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The energies coming through such spots in the energy gates are acting in accordance with the various higher dimensional souls who are incarnate on your world as plants, animals and humans, to manifest on Gaia’s surface [and with Her Light Grid] the very pure energies that have been coming to your world from realms beyond the current perception of humanity.

Did you think that humans would be the only form that we ascended souls would take on your world to assist in Her ascension? We would not pass up such bountiful opportunities to incarnate on your world and assist in your ascension as various different types and forms of the wonderful Creation incarnate on Her surface.

Your Earth has hosted so very many different and unique types and races of Life forms, and the separation that is played upon in your human culture is a result of the playing upon of your perceived outer differences, even though within you are all the beautiful energy of Source, of our Creator simply incarnate in a different and more dense form.

Many assume that the most important deciding-events on your world that will tell when you are finally freed as a collective are those of what is happening to the Illuminati in relation to the complete breakdown of their empire and exposure of all that they have done to you which is in progress currently. This is in fact not so, as while such events are very important in your collective freedom, they themselves are not the deciding-events that choose what manifests on your world and how your freedom is attained.

No dear souls, as has been expressed endlessly, the choices made by each and every one of you and the underlying foundational energies of each and every emotion you feel and each and every Creation you bring through yourselves are the ultimate deciding factors in your collective freedom.

The dark souls on your world have always been simple hollow expressions of the collective darkness and density that you have manifested within yourselves to be Created on Earth, which is why it makes sense that as so many of you awaken and so many ascended souls incarnate on Earth to bring through energies of assistance in Gaia’s ascension, the negative energies which have been manifested and fed and which manifested the incarnation of the Illuminati will naturally begin to wash away and be transmuted.

As this happens, naturally they [the Illuminati] are exposed and ‘taken down’ so to speak and while we will continue to give you updates in that avenue, we must place focus and importance on the etheric and higher dimensional energies which are bringing these souls’ exposure forth to see that your collective freedom is attained in ’time’ for the most rapid and intense phases of your collective and individual ascension processes.

This is why you are given guidance on what you can do in your own Lives to help manifest the Lighted energies that aide terrifically in such exposures and transmutations of the dark, because if one is kept continually worrying about events in the physical, they miss out completely on the higher dimensional aspects of such physical events that are manifesting the events to bring about a wondrous freedom and resulting ascension for all of humanity.

This is your ascension and your exposure of the collective darkness that you have manifested, and while we again do assist in such endeavors and give you updates as we are able to operate from and fathom a higher perspective that sees us know about such events, you are the beautiful Angels who are bringing this exposure about.

It is only fair that you have a level playing field in which to Live out your experiences without being forced out of your Lives on a massive scale, which is why we are here assisting in the exposure of the dark while making sure that they can no longer cause a mass loss of Life.

While we do such things for you and we enjoy immensely doing such things, you are constantly and continually manifesting the energies that we use to be able to help you as indeed, if the energies being brought through to you world were too dense and of the lower vibrations, we would not be able to assist and as has been said before, this is why we have not been able to assist in the cleansing of pollution from certain areas of Gaia’s surface where the collective density being manifested is still a bit too lower-vibratory.

You will continue to be reminded in the days and weeks ahead of your importance as a Creator in this whole scenario, and you will be given guidance as to what you can do as a collective and as individuals to see that the energy manifested in your areas and on your world is pure enough to call for all that you have been waiting to see come to fruition, and the energies already being manifested and the energies that will continue to be manifested and brought through your beautiful spirit complexes and bodies are already seeing such events get underway.

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