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Bring Your Toothbrush: Important Info for Attendees

100+ people leaving ... “to board the Neptune, the mothership from Neptune,
 for a 10-day tour of the fleet and a trip to another planet”


We will be leaving .........

The galactics will come some time on ......., usually at the time you decide but not absolutely always. They will pick you up (believe it or not) in a black limousine.

For Australians, for whom our today is your tomorrow, ...... says that you will be picked up on .......

The pick up is going to be organized one by one by one. Is it possible that all of us will be picked up at the same time? Yes. But they don’t want us to have a feeling of mayhem so each of us will arrive individually at the Mothership so we can be individually greeted

They will take us from the limousines to the ships in what they call “space bikes” – two and four seaters.

You don’t have to worry about the pick-up. But do not be in a shopping mall.

Be at home. If you’re in a situation where you’re involved with somebody, the galactics will wait until we are through and then they will make their presence known and gather us up.”

The galactics will locate you from your full name and email address (to the best of my knowledge).



We’ll be returned en masse at the end of the trip to a location where the full group will meet with press. Some people who do not want to meet the press will choose to return home separately. But remember that we are going as representatives of Disclosure so it’s hoped that we will agree to “disclose” ourselves.

Following this meeting, the group will break up and go to our separate homes to resume normal lives. (If possible!)


Part-timers are welcome. ...... personnel will pick you up, take you to the ship, and return you separately from the main group who are staying the ten days. A separate list of part-timers will be created.

Change of Mind

If you change your mind and don’t want to go, your change of mind will be noted by the galactics who will not press you to come. But it would be helpful to let us know so that we can bring down the Flight List which is at present around 150 over the limit.

Length of Trip

We will be gone for ten days. Not an instant or one day in Earth time, but ten actual days in Earth time. People who cannot stay the whole ten days can be accommodated and returned to their homes early.


The galactics have given conditional approval for you to bring your dogs and cats, providing the dog or cat wants to go.

The galactics cannot be responsible for the situation where they say you can bring your dog or cat along and the dog or cat itself decides it does not want to go. Therefore you can bring your pet along but you must have a back-up procedure in place for if your pet refuses to come.

If your pet refuses to come and you have no back-up procedure, you may be required to stay behind to look after your pet and miss the trip.

That means that you must have a back-up person selected and available to you for when the galactics arrive. If your dog refuses, then the dog would be left with the back-up person.

What to Pack

Pack light. Don’t bring a red cent. There is shopping on board the ships. You don’t need money. There are facilities on the ship that refresh your clothing by you merely passing through a door.


You can bring medications if you want but be prepared to be healed of your condition by the time you return. Even conditions which you are unaware of.


You’ll be existing in the Fifth Dimension shipboard. We’ll spend some time in a healing chamber adjusting to it. Yes, not only will you meet the galactics but you will also be in the Fifth Dimension. Not bad for the price of admission. (Nothing.)


Most people do not ask the galactics and celestials how they are doing. It’s OK and appreciated to ask them how they are doing too. Especially given that they have onboard ship for long periods of time – for our sake.

You may bring a small gift that speaks of the Earth for a galactic who has served you in particular but it is not at all expected or necessary.

Explanations to People Left Behind

Leave instructions in a general way for those who will be assisting you while you’re away. Do not lie. Omit instead.

Do not raise alarm with your loved ones or make them apprehensive. It’s alright that members of your family who accept what you are doing see your departure. They can be there when the galactics arrive.

Regarding your work situation, simply say that you have some pressing personal or family matter. ..... says that he does not want anyone to feel they need put their employment situation at risk. Accommodations can be made for people’s work schedules. Again: Do not lie. Omit instead.

Communications from Ship

We can communicate with our loved ones from the ships. They cannot call us however. The science officer is seeing if he can arrange for us editors to be blogging . But we will be able to host the Monday-night Hour with an Angel from the Neptune. (How about that!)

How the Galactics See This

This will be a homecoming for many of us. ..... has planned it that way. We will be meeting people from our home planets who will awaken our memories.


We’ll be able to perceive your guides, not see them. We’ll be on the Fifth Dimension for the time of the trip. We’ll be given adjustments to tolerate the Fifth Dimension.

Other Visits

This is the first visit, but not the last. Others will have their opportunity to visit the ships. If anything screws up and you cannot go, you’ll be given first priority later.

You may not remain on board the Neptune. The galactics do not want to risk rumors of abduction. You may return to the Neptune however.

“Excitement is percolating on the other side. 

This is what you would call a game-changer.”

“The old agenda of government Disclosure is gone.”

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