Wednesday, 5 March 2014

UFOs and the End of the Ages : (((KNOWING))) (Connections and Synchronicities) Joseph Chiappalone


(Connections & Synchronicities)

Someday someone would help open the "Floodgates' onto what most already innately (((KNOW))) so they could again 'Open their Minds' and Remember (Knowledge) that was meant to be non-existent & lost forever... 

 We need to (Prepare Ourselves) for one hell of a Ride...

Joseph Chiappalone is medical doctor (GP) located in Australia, who says he was relayed critical insights and information while aboard an extra-dimensional craft in 1985. He says that the Universe (the physical creation) was an experiment gone wrong; that it is scheduled for "correction" (i.e.-termination), and that ((True Conscious beings are being prepared for the inevitable return back to cosmic balance with Source)). On this interview he explains his long-held expectations, and the cosmology that actually underpins true consciousness.

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