Friday, 14 March 2014

DISCLOSURE : Zero Point propulsion System

The maker of this documentary has been killed recently, along with many other UFO researchers, the PTB can feel the end approach, disclosure is on the horizon.

Tragically, the film maker himself has been found poisoned by heavy metals, according to the toxicology report.

May James Allen RIP

Two drives are needed for cosmic space travel , one that leads up to the speed of light , the other on that exceeds the speed of light millions of times over , penetrating into hyperspace or null time ... vast distances are made in a fraction of a second ... a tachyon drive and a beam or light drive ... the light drive runs on the energy that is all around us , working on a rectification process/implosion much like the basics of the sun ... when our scientist study frequency and vibration and wave lengths , then some progress will be made .

Controlling the speed of the particles is paramount ... there is seven forces of nature , four are known , when humans discover the other three , it will solve your roadblock of space travel permanently ... two are spiritual , connected to thoughts and energy of which you can't accept yet , thought is ENERGY ... yep , thinking is a power source ...

The entire universe was created by thought = spiritual energy = thinking ... it is that simple , with the mind of a child you can enter in ... to what ???

The consciousness block/storage block of knowledge , that you created millions of years ago in other lifetimes ... each person has one ... it is ancient.

A documentary about an artist, quantum physics 
and possibly reverse-engineered propulsion 
technology, currently unfinished.

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