Wednesday, 19 March 2014



Rosemary Guiley -

The djinn

Comments on the sasquatch -

-She believes the djinn are heavily involved with many paranormal experiences, including hauntings, entity contacts, ets/ufos and abduction scenarios.

-She talks about a pattern she has found regarding the scuttler phenomena, which are dark crab like entities that crawl on walls. They seem to be the first form taken, that then morphs into a dark humanoid, which then comes off the wall and materializes a 3-d form into the room as a shadow person. She believes the shadow person form is a form taken on by the djinn.

-One woman reported to Mary that she was taken by the djinn into an inter-dimensional realm but upon her return has no memory of most of what happened. She does remember that their realm is a shadowy, blurry landscape.

-She comments that the sasquatch and many other entities are beings in their own right however the djinn mimic them for use in their own hidden agendas. She believes the sasquatch are inter-dimensional, have their own societies and are very close to human beings. They do make themselves known to people who are attuned to the right spiritual consciousness. The djinn take advantage of this and shape shift to mimic them and other cryptids to trick humans.

-She has found that many things that humans do including fracking and cell phone towers are sending bad vibrations down into the earth and emissions that are disruptive to them and destroy their world. This may lend to their hostility toward humans.

-The djinn also become hostile when people invade their land/territory where portals that they use exists.

-She thinks the djinn mimic demons, that they are not the same.

A 2 hour, in-depth look at the Djinn and other forces working against humanity. She'll explore the historical evidence of these beings/creatures, what symptoms to look for when they are present, what areas on the planet are more prone to their presence, their detrimental effects on humanity, and the spiritual solutions that will allow humanity to transcend these forces.



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  1. Well for the first time I'll share my experience. I was living in China for 9 months for business, in Shanghai. I went out to the bars and the first bar I went to that night was a really seedy small place with red walls. It was early - around 10pm, and I was the only one in there other than around 6 Chinese women that were the waitresses and likely prostitutes - this was a seedy bar and I'd never been in there. I sat down on a bar stool and ordered a rum and coke. it tasted normal. I noticed across the dance floor they had an armoire against the wall. below that I saw what at first I thought was a cat... or a big rat. as I looked at it - it darted across the floor straight at me incredibly fast. it was not a cat... and not a rat. it was about 2 feet wide and very flat to the ground. it looked like a big black crab but with a face (no neck) like a bat. it ran right under my bar stool as I jumped up on it and screamed like a little girl. the waitresses laughed at me.. like they knew what was going on. I stayed perched on the stool looking under it for whatever that thing was... then I jumped off and ran out the door and went straight home. I wondered about it for YEARS - until I heard on Coast-To-Coast the navy sailor talking about "scuttlers" he saw on their ship in the pacific in WWII that matched exactly what I saw. very weird.