Friday, 14 March 2014

GALACTIC PERSPECTIVE : Michael El Legion 3-11-14 Interview with Alexandra Meadors


Michael was born with no amnesia, like the rest of us have; knowing who he is and open to incredible information which he shares in this interview.

The Event, the Galactics, spiritual hierarchy, cabal, ascension, physical rejuvenation, terminology, Putin/Obama roles, the RV… you name it, they talk about it.

 Obama/Putin Roles MP3 link:

  • “…in the cabal’s current desperation, they are getting accident prone” – lol!
  • “…we are like the Navy Seals of the Galactic Federation” – really?!
  • “…the Earth surface quarantine is about to be lifted” – yes!
  • “…be ready for more showings like over Ukraine recently” – the inside-job is about to show up :)))


March 11th interview with contactee, Michael El Legion, by Alexandra Meadors (1hr 55 min). He talks about many things that fit with Cobra, Courtney Brown, Sheldon & Tolec’s recent info, as well as Zap’s & Mtn Goat and TNT Tony dinarland; also about the sting operation… the IRS, the gold, motherships, Aghartha; where we are now from a big picture perspective check mate “game nearly over” current position, feels spot on.

Because he never forgot after incarnating in and has been around for decades, he can answer lots of great questions that feel in-pono & positive to me. Including about Obama and other info that fits in with what Andrew Basiago and other whistle blowers have been putting out there for years.

One never heard before is that what is extremely unique about us right now is this is the first time ever there have been galactic human hybrids. And some other interesting things to consider.

His main message intended is around what is about to happen “shortly”, from a galactic perspective. And is what many of us have been putting together over the years. So it feels refreshingly familiar.

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