Saturday, 22 March 2014

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE : Music at 432 megahertz


Beautiful Spanish Music - Spanish Nights

(mixed by SpringLady) [432 Hertz]

This music was converted to 432 Hertz and uploaded for the people.


The music industry stopped publishing music at 432 megahertz, the previous standard which is a clean multiple of 8 megahertz, the frequency that human beings function at.

The conversion to 440 megahertz was intended to make music less able to cure and destress us. Here's what we're all missing.

Can you feel the difference?

Your subconscious mind will be able to, even if your conscious awareness is for some reason not instantly seduced by these sounds. Why do the world's controllers not want us to connect with each other via music, at the wavelengths we will most enjoy? I think we know the answer to that question, or at least we are getting closer to being able to answer it.

 Music is their weapon of control over us, not a device for making us more able to be what we are capable of being. 432 megahertz is a harmonic of our own rhythms. 440 megahertz is a discord that jars, and doesn't allow us to fully relax. If this music isn't your cup of tea, search the internet for music at 432 megahertz.

 Listen only to that in future, and find a new calmness you couldn't attain beforehand. Targeted wavelengths are being broadcast secretly to stir up negative emotions where governments desire to create warfare, depression or panic.

This is one way you can fight back against the control system. Once you understand the extent to which human emotion can be manipulated using subliminal electromagnetic broadcasts, you will be able to lessen their effects, and rise above the levels they want us driven down to. . .

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