Sunday, 30 March 2014

TANAATH : The Demiurge the 'Light' and the Silver Legion

I saw Cameron Day's article 'Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker' shortly after it came out, and loved it. I also really loved his article 'Tell the “Lords” of Karma That You Are Sovereign – No Longer a Lightworker Part 2'. If you haven't yet read them, I suggest you go do that now. They're great. They echo some of the things that I and others have been saying all along about hierarchy and control.

The dichotomy between 'Light' and 'Dark' as presented in the pageantry of the Demiurge is a false construct. This planet has had a paradigm of hierarchy and control shoved upon it. We've been given two false choices between being hierarchical 'bad guys', or being hierarchical 'good guys'. Both are ultimately bad guys, because they are predicated on the notion that there is always someone above you who must be obeyed. Often, this ultimate figure which 'must be obeyed' is represented to you as 'god'. Sometimes the adherents to the paradigm try to claim it's actually Source. WRONG.

The fact that this duality is a false construct does not mean that there aren't objectively bad beings and the Demiurge and its forces shouldn't be opposed. All parts of the Demiurge are bad, and definitely should be opposed. Even their false 'Light' side.

Various spiritual and extra-dimensional actors have been a part of this system of control. This includes a lot of ETs that have presented themselves to you as saviours and figures of power. This includes 'archangels' operating within spiritual hierarchies of angels, 'ascended masters', or anything else that claims to be part of any hierarchy. This includes a lot of the critters that are channeled, and pretty much anything out of any religious institution ever – with a few exceptions. There's been a lot of power and effort invested in building, maintaining, growing, and expanding this system of control, and there's a lot of beings involved in the project. None of them are your friends. None of them want anything good for you. What they want is your obedience and for you to feed their machine. Don't do it.

If anything should come to you claiming to be your saviour, tell it to get lost. There are no saviours, because the act of being a 'saviour' presupposes the loss of agency and sovereignty of the 'saved'. We are obligated to act on our own behalf and not to wait around for someone else to do it for us.

If anything should come to you claiming to be set above you in any way, tell it to get lost. This includes beings claiming to be relatives or servants of 'God' or claiming to be 'God'; beings claiming to be divinely ordained, assigned, ordered, mandated, and the like as an authority figure; or beings claiming to be more intelligent, powerful, wiser, more 'evolved', and the like.

If anything should come to you demanding your obedience, tell it to get lost. The only things that demand obedience are things in service to the Demiurge. Even Source does not demand obedience.

If anything should come to you claiming that it is higher dimensional and therefor has a right to do anything to you, tell it to get lost. Nothing has that right. And you have a right to defend yourself against anything that tries.

If anything should come to you and tell or demand you to follow an alleged contract or previous agreement, tell it to get lost (after you tear up/rescind the contract). Many of these supposed contracts were done under false pretences, for the purposes of enslaving you. You have the right to reject them and to refuse to be held to any of them.

If anything should come to you and attempt to dictate your identity to you, tell it to get lost. Your identity is your business and nothing and no one has the right to define it for you. You are the only arbiter of your identity. You, and you alone get to decide who and what you are. Likewise, you don't get to decide someone else's identity for them.

Source requires nothing of you other than your best attempt to live according to your free will. Source will never issue edicts, demand obedience, put someone else above you, order you or anyone else around, or send 'special servants' to rule over you and tell you what to do. Anyone making that claim is not coming from Source but from the paradigm of control. From the Demiurge.

Source does not speak like a voice in your head. Source communicates to us through synchronicity and that 'aha moment' when we have a sudden awareness or realization of something that we didn't realize before, even if all the pieces were there. Source uses 'coincidence' to provide to us the information we need to succeed or to become involved. Sometimes we're aware of the touch of Source, sometimes we aren't. It's a really cool feeling when you become aware of it.

Additionally, Source does not act directly upon creation, as if it did, it would become partisan and thus cease to be all things and thus cease to be Source. Source cannot personify without that personification ceasing to be Source. A Source is defined as all things and thus cannot be only one thing.

Source interacts with creation through actors. That is, us. Any given one of us can be made aware of a need through synchronicity or coincidence and can choose to answer that 'invitation from Source' to act. It's a free will choice, and if we refuse, the choice will be offered to someone else who can do the work until it gets done. We are all Source inasmuch as we are part of all things, and Source can act through us, but that does not give us authority, or dominance over any other aspect of creation.

Yes, there are beings with a great deal of personal power. This still doesn't give them any right to put themselves above any other being. There are gods (note the small 'g'). Beings like Thor, Odin, Apollo, Athena, Shiva, Pele, etc., exist. They're very powerful beings and some of the oldest in creation. But they are not part of a hierarchy above you and they do not deserve your worship. They deserve the same consideration you would give any other living thing, and as intelligent actors deserve respect according to their actions (which might be no respect at all in some cases). There are also angels, of various kinds. Consider the gods to be the 'firstborn of the universe' and angels to be the 'secondborn of the universe' – just like an older sibling, they might be a bit bigger and stronger than you, but it does not mean they are better than you (and some of you might very well be one of them – yes, they incarnate too). Nor do they deserve automatic obedience or worship. Yes, some have gone rogue and joined into the paradigm of domination and control, but many gods and angels are still free and are anarchic – without rulers. If you should encounter one of these, treat them as an equal. They have no more right to rule over you than a pile of gravel does. Reject any god or angel which tries to place itself above you.

Yes, dimensions exist and they are layered. They are also not a hierarchy. Just because we here might be 3D doesn't mean someone who is 4D or 6D or 12D is better than us. They might have more personal power, will almost certainly be older than our current body, and maybe have retained a bit of wisdom from memories that are denied us... but they are not better than us. They are not above us in terms of controlling us or having any right to decide our fate or future. Dimensions are densities of existence, not hierarchies of achievement and power. Think of it this way, if you have several coloured liquids of different densities and you pour them into a clear glass, they will settle into a nice little rainbow. The top slice is not smarter, better, more deserving, more evolved, or naturally deserving of rulership over the slices below it. It's just a slice of a different density. Nor are the slices at the bottom stupid, weak, or deserving of any kind of slavery or hardship because of their position within densities.

Yes, we are all one, inasmuch as we are all part of creation and creation is Source. However, this is not a race to dissolution. It's possible to be one with everything and retain your personal identity, personality, and perceptions. That's the whole point of existing as a separate entity. Don't be in a rush to become nothing. Evolution does not mean the dissolution of self. It means learning more things and having different experiences. Nor are you required to like all of your fellow creations. You're still welcome to disagree with others. What you are not allowed to do is attempt to force others to do what you think is best regardless of their will. Those who attempt to remove or curtail the free will of other beings en masse, lose the right to existence themselves; and they are fair game for all the beings who want to remove them.

Laws are creations of societies. Some are more closely aligned with naturally living than others, but they are all creations of societies. That means they can be changed, and that means that they can be chosen. Source does not make laws. Those things claimed to be “God's Laws” don't come from Source. Yeah, they include some good ideas, but they're still not from Source. We will likely require some form of law in our society yet; until sociopathy no longer exists and people no longer feel the need to commit crimes against one another to attain an advantage over each other, we'll need some codified system of reparation and restoration. However, we need to divorce the notion of justice from the notion of obedience to an external entity. The two are not synonymous. These varying sets of laws handed to us by various “God” figures will always contain reasonable things like 'don't steal, don't rape, don't lie, don't murder'. There's no problems with that. The problems arise when they try to sneak in stuff that isn't related, that reinforces the system of control and rule. The fact that they have some good ideas doesn't mean they have any other validity. Nor does any religion have a monopoly on the good ideas. All human societies have come up with variations of the good stuff. We don't get our morality from 'God'. We get it from understanding that some actions harm others and realizing that we're not ok with that as a society and as individuals.

The Silver Legion is not part of the Demiurge's false dichotomy. We are actually anarchists. Anarchy doesn't mean destructive chaos or every-man-for-himself. It means 'without rule'. We do not have rulers. Every Silver Legionnaire, regardless of rank or position within our organization, is equal. There's gods and angels in the Silver Legion, and you'll find them chumming around with everyone else; telling stories, playing pranks, enjoying food and drink; and socializing just like everyone else. They don't get any special placement or special consideration. They're just as quick to lend a hand and help out as anyone else. Our 'ranks' are only indication of the level of responsibility of an individual, not of their authority to make demands of others. Most people in the Legion want to be part of the 'rank and file', because that's where all the actual fun happens – all the action. The joke about 'promotions' is that the promoted individuals didn't step back fast enough when the call came. The leadership is largely involved in coordination and administration (not ruling), though they're certainly not averse to personally kicking some ass when required.

Because we are not part of the false dichotomy, we don't classify ourselves personally as 'Light' or 'Dark'. I've largely used the term 'Lightwarrior' to describe us as it's easily understood, and because 'warrior' alone has too many connotations that don't fit what we are. In actuality we don't subscribe to the dichotomy. About 95% of our people are people who prefer to do things that help others – Service to Others. Not 'good', not 'Light', just folk who are motivated to help others rather than seeking to satisfy their own desires (or whose desires primarily include helping others). About 4% are 'neutrals', they just don't care one way or another. And about 1% are Service to Self. Not 'Dark', not 'evil', just motivated by self-interest. They're all welcome and they all have a place. The Service to Self guys can sometimes get places and do things that the Service to Others guys can't, mostly because they'd stick out like a sore thumb. We're able to offer the Service to Self types something they consider to be fair in exchange. Most of them would stick with us simply because they get treated with respect and they can do what they want as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. We don't judge them. They're welcome with us as long as they agree to follow the codes of behaviour and ethics that we require of all our Legionnaires.

We actually have a kind of 'idiot test' for new recruits. There's a few people in our ranks who are from 'evil' species. They're pretty typically selfish for their race. They're also highly visible. New recruits are told not to harm other Silver Legionnaires. The ones who fixate on these supposed 'evil' races and attempt to harm them fail our test. The first time they try it, they get a lecture in the infirmary (after being healed or brought back to life as necessary) on not judging others despite whatever preconceived notions they may have of the goodness or evilness of that person. They get a lecture on tolerance and how there's not only room but need for many types of people in the Silver Legion. If they try it again, we kick them out. The same goes for Service to Self recruits that decide to try to abuse others in the Legion or outside of it. They get the lecture first, and if they persist after that, they're out.

The people I work with in the Silver Legion, and the ETs I work with, have in their actions demonstrated themselves to be honest, committed, respectful, and ethical. Incarnates and other Terrans are considered to be equal to anyone else; we may have a more limited perspective and be suffering under a lot of adverse programming, but we're still considered people deserving of basic respect. They don't claim to be better than me, wiser than me, smarter than me, more deserving than me, or of anyone else. They make no bones about the fact that they're fallible and able to make mistakes. When they make mistakes, when they find out, they take actions to rectify the situation and they own up to their errors.

No one ever 'orders' me to do anything, nor do they ever do anything to me, with or without my consent. If they want to help me, they'll wait for me to ask them for help, then they'll tell me what they want to do and why; and if I choose to accept it, I can unchoose it if I am not comfortable, and if I don't accept it they won't argue with me. They give advice when asked, but don't try to force me to take it. They also ask my advice sometimes. It's an equal partnership. It is not a relationship predicated on notions of superiority/inferiority, or control, or obedience, etc., it's a relationship predicated on love, respect, and equality. They don't judge me or others, even if they don't agree. And they have a sense of humour. They're able to laugh at themselves, to laugh at the absurdity of life, tell jokes, and tease and prank each other without harming one another. They're quite capable of finding the same things funny that we do. And they never get insulted or assume the position of the superior.

When I do my work at night, I assign myself missions. I've often woken up energized and buzzing, unless I've gotten myself into trouble, or unless I've had a bad night due to physical reasons (I suffer from sleep apnea and have been an insomniac all my life, and as has been mentioned before, I have a thyroid problem which directly affects my energy levels). No one orders me to do stuff. I choose myself what I'm going to do, according to what I feel needs to be done. I usually do the ass kicking, but I have on occasion had my ass kicked as well, which can lead to me waking up feeling like warmed over roadkill. These episodes happen less and less as I get more adept at knowing when to stir the shit and when to back off.

I often have doubts. Doubts are healthy. Doubts indicate that someone is capable of thinking critically and examining something; demonstrating that they don't take information for granted or as automatically true just because it comes from a source they like. I am extremely leery of someone who never questions, because they are ripe for control. I have found that my people have, time and time again, demonstrated their integrity and ethics in their dealings with me and other people. I don't know everything and I still question everything, but I truly feel that I can rely on my people to the very end. If we should fail, it won't be because we did not make the effort.

Note: No, this is not aimed at Drake, or anyone in particular. It's a set of tools for you to be able to utilize in determining what kind of information supports freedom and what supports oppression; and it's an illustration of what the Silver Legion in particular is. Drake's not always good with words (he tends to loquacious and often ends up wandering so far off topic that he fails to answer the question), but after working with the guy for two years I can definitely vouch for him. He's trying to do the right thing. And his book - Me, Myself and I, is actually a very empowering book. Though, I will say that the editing is non existent - however, it suffers from no editorial control by a third party, so that's something.

JHC: I'm with you on the 'forgiveness' aspect. If someone's done something and it was done out of an honest mistake or out of some kind of sickness from within that can be healed to prevent them from acting out again, then yeah, forgiveness might have a role. But these groups use 'forgiveness' as a stand-in for 'suck it, bitch, take it like the little bitch we think you are, and be grateful for the experience'. Forgiveness can have no role where abuses continue. If you really feel you have to forgive, do it when you've reached a place where they can't continue to hurt you, or others you love. Whether that place comes from you eliminating them from existence or whether you've chosen to simply remove yourself from their grasp - just make sure you're beyond their reach. Then you can forgive them if you feel it necessary.


  1. First off, I AM just in awe that my reply to this post on another website was added to this page so thankyou for that. Secondly but foremost, I would like to officially publicly apologize for the crude use of language given as the example of how we are decieved and abused. It was a moment of weakness on my own behalf that was partially out of misguided anger and mental/emotional anger. So for that I apologize. Sure the concept I used is understandable but my crude use of language to implement a point of view that could have been explained with a better choice of words. Please understand that I AM JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! I have the same troubles and worries and fears you have. The same emotions and quite frankly even the same doubts. Honestly folks I pray every day and night now, simply meditating on how best to not only improve myself but on how I can help others as well. You do not have to something huge in order to bring love,peace of mind and happiness to others; You need only love yourself and others for who they are. Just try being someone who listens to others for a change insted of always feeling you have to cast off your point of view to others just to prove a point. Just remember this folks, Life is full of the unknown and honestly it is scary but that is just the negative perspective of things. With the unknown even many marvelous and beautiful oppourtunities await us all. So next time you get so stuck up between your heart and your head and your scared and wondering if your going insane remember remember this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS!!! THERE ARE PLENTY OF US WHO FEEL THE SAME INSIDE SCREAMING OUT FOR FREEDOM, PEACE,LOVE AND AN END TO THE GRAND SHCEME AND ILLUSION OF WHICH WE HAVE BE DECIEVED INTO BELIEVING. LAST BUT NOT LEAST I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH TWO OF MY MOST FAVORITE QUOTES: '

  2. fr: tom ........ at least this person could look back and a better way could have been...its nice to see compassion but as they careful ....we all make mistakes..but if someone is just giving their view take it with a grain of salt....and if it has a possibility of truth now get to use it without the pain....I hope for all humanity because it looks like we have a possibility of a lot more players in the game of life which can either be good or lets all stick togeather for good because we all know what that is........tom