Saturday, 8 March 2014



by: 2Tranentral

March 7, 2014

Hi Tolec. This is how it works. It seems that (the Shift) for People (now more than ever) they should look inside and concentrate on their deep feelings, and follow what their true inner being whisper is right. They should focus on what makes them happy, and I'm not talking about satisfying ego, but your spirit, or your inner child. Let go of all barriers and boundaries, and be Love. At the same time, ignore all the negativity around, as energy flows where intention goes, and this is actually a process of creating a new world, a new paradigm. Simply reject to be part of anything that comes from the dark side. What must collapse, will collapse, it doesn't mean that it should include you, and these things are happening all around us. We must keep our heads above the water. And this is the way - concentrate on the positive things, and intend the new world you would like to live in. The power of intent is the most powerful force in whole Creation. If there would be no more negativity in people, there would be no negativity in the world. And we must take this path. In the process, we're probably going through some DNA changes and evolving as everything unfolds. We might get help from our space brothers, and we're probably getting help, and i thank them for that. But we must do the job ourselves.

People should know that we are living in the most amazing times in human history, and celebrate :)

greetings from Belgrade

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