Saturday, 8 March 2014



This is some footage from the events Fausto Perez put together
and hosted with Robert, Jim Martin, and Jonathan Castro

Biggest UFO sighting in history

by a mass group, over 20 UFO’s

At this event on November 10th Fausto Perez, along with Jim Martin, Robert Bingham, Jonathan Castro and others summoned UFO’s for a crowd of over 30 people.

They had conjured a sighting of more than twenty UFO’s.

So many UFO’s that at the end of the event a black government helicopter came to investigate.
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Best UFO Footage Ever Recorded 5 Feb 2014

This is the best sighting they have recorded yet … with a telescope thanks to Hans Boyson for the equipment. Please check out his amazing footage here … taken with ETX 90 and T2i 720pm 60fps at 100X and subscribe

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