Saturday, 1 March 2014

James Gilliland: Conscious Contact - Truth Connections


In addition to James’ mind-blowing material, Freeman Fly added that the banksters are looking for some kind of “technological advancements to save their souls or to spare themselves through this.”

James Gilliland joined Truth Connections to discuss humanity, disclosure and the current and future state of consciousness. Also discussed ET Contact, dimensional beings, the ECETI Ranch, his experience in the field and many other fascinating topics. James has been on the cutting edge of ET contact for many years. He is a minister, counselor and internationally known lecturer. He is also a best selling author of; Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey just to name a few.

In recent news, an article entitled, “Beyond Cern: Now physicists prepare to construct the even Larger Hadron Collider” shows how there is a desire to create an even larger portal into other dimensions,

James stated that “The Event” would most likely occur between March and July of 2014.

“They’ve been telling us that between March and July, everything is gonna get turned around. There is going to be massive change on every level: social, economic and physical as we go through this shift. The good news is, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Between now and 2016, we’re going to undergo some incredible changes. Chaos is a good thing. It means that the old system is breaking down. We need to be aware that chaos is part of the process and it means that something new is coming in to take its place.”

Freeman Fly also joined in to discuss some of his thoughts on Obama, Egypt and cloning.

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