Saturday, 31 August 2013

UFO Sightings Escape Alien Attack & Stalking UFOs


 Texas oilfield worker escapes alien abduction attempt near Coleman TX. One year after they performed a laser test on a UFO in Ranger,TX the alien craft returned to abduct him.I took pictures while hiding behind a separator and was going to toss the phone to give people a clue as to my disappearance. Captured by Ronny Dawson .

. Ronny Dawson escaped alien abduction and caught some amazing footage on his cellphone of the event. He captured images of 2 different species of aliens and several ships. A large mother ship with smaller ships docked on it and alien architecture buildings embedded on a base of solid meteor. This event was reported to major media networks and they never even checked it out. That is creepier than the images on this video. .

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