Sunday, 25 August 2013

TANAATH : The Silver Legion of Light Warriors

The Silver Legion of Light Warriors

Special Guest: Tanaath

Members of the Silver Legion come from multiple planets, dimensions, realms, and even universes. Some of us even come from universes that are currently considered to be fictional by earth humans. Everything you can imagine exists somewhere - and you might be surprised to discover that our situation here on earth reaches some of the other universes as exciting stories told by master storytellers

Some of our members come from species and races that are typically very dark-oriented; these individuals are usually renegades from their societies. To them, the Silver Legion represents a place where they can feel safety and acceptance for who they are; a place where they are not judged by their origin but by their merits. These are some of our most dedicated members. Others of our ranks come from species and races that earth humanity currently considers mythical. Of course, many of us are humans - some of us from other dimensions and realms - but there are incarnated earth humans who are among our ranks who are able to project to our astral location and work on assignments.

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