Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Watch the documentary “The Portal”, about the discovery of an area of access and communication with a beneficial extraterrestrial civilisation.

The film presents the diary of a journey in this area, which was revealed 15 years ago by a race of beneficial extraterrestrial beings. The testimonies of those who have perceived the subtle influence of the place, and the captivating video documentary correlate and elucidate, to a certain degree, the mystery of the area.

It is extremely interesting and intriguing as well because it speaks of a so called “portal”. Now, the word has many meanings,  about a certain area that can facilitate telepathic ET contacts more easily; later in the documentary the lady – you can see her to the end of the movie – states that in the future the spot will enable even physical contact.

The exact spot is located somewhere in Europe, and some of the people that are interviewed have their faces blurred out and even have voice overs. If that portal is authentic this seems to be a good idea, to prevent mass gatherings.

What is striking is the quality of the production, both from a narrative and videography point of view. It is clearly not made by amateurs. Even the subtitles are in very correct English, not the amateur kind that you often find in web translations.

The documentary is in Romanian. It has stories about E.T. encounters and how and when that place was discovered. Actually the movie has much more than that and the way in which it is conceived is astounding.
All things considered this reminds one of Mark Kimmel’s Abiquor, that spot in Colorado USA they say will be a light center for mankind. So if that is possible why shouldn’t it be possible elsewhere?

The movie is almost hypnotic at times, the music is extraordinary, the images and effects are very special.

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