Sunday, 11 August 2013


Leaked Info Massive UFO Event

Yesterday, while at home, Reynolds received a message that something big was going to happen. It was a Red ship that was going to be seen globally, between 8pm and 8am and Linda added that it was triangular and had yellow lights. Then we went to the movies and around 8pm , we felt the presence of our star family with the theater at Honokaa, They asked for full support of Christ. Then at 4:44am this morning we went outside and the following message was received by Linda. That it had a vibration of transformation like fire with the yellow and red from the east energy is also yellow as well as red,the energy is one of creation open the hearts and minds and transformation is occurring.
These ships are from Sirius these will last not only throughout the next day but for also the entire week to come other parts of the world will also experience this those with Srian ancestry will have a more intense experience transformation is at hand
love is the key! Also the axis mundi of the world will form a geometrical shape, similar to a merkaba. that will increase the vibration of this world to bring in more harmony and light, *axis mundi are the power points of the world where the ships will be present at.

From Detroit to Catalina Island

Young Eyewitnesses explain to Thirdphaseofmoon about their incredible UFO Encounters! Including an Interview with Robert Evans in regards to the Massive UFO sightings Next to the Sun Captured by Nasa Soho Images! Southern Oregon July 25th. About eleven to Midnight At the Illinois river in Selma Oregon, 9 year old Benjamin Riley and 4 other people saw this UFO, Including his mother, Older sister and sisters friends. Uncle of Benjamin Wayne Interviews!

ALSO Whistle Blower Snowden New Leak … Aliens Inhabit Earth


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