Tuesday, 13 August 2013

CELTIC DRUIDS IN CHINA ... The Tarim Basin Mummies of the Taklamakan Desert

The Tarim Basin Mummies of the Taklamakan Desert that range from 2500 BC to about 400 BC. These are Caucasoid Mummies and the most fascinating aspect is that the earliest mummies have tartan and other woven clothing. Later Mummies have a horse and Shamanic instruments in the burial. There was marijuana and ephedrine found in the burial goods. The textiles are amazing. Bronze items are noted before the expected historic period.

The Mummies were found near the Silk Road. The age and sophistication of these Celtic looking people means that whatever culture that we later knew linked with the Druids could have spread worldwide. Druids may well have been connected with The historic Jesus...that was a thousand years or two later than these mummies.

Michael Tsarion maintains that high culture spread globally from Ireland at such an early date that it preceded the later high culture of Egypt. This is what I would think of as the Global Culture wiped out by a catastrophe.

Today the ancient Chinese texts which speak of legendary tall people with red hair and green eyes (formerly denigrated as mere "myths") are being reinterpreted. They are not just imaginary tales as has been assumed until recently, but they tell of the very real Tocharian-branch Indo-European people, relatives of the Celts and Scythians, who possibly controlled the Silk Road during Middle and Egyptian New Kingdom times, and down to the Classical Greek era. They certainly would have been involved in the transmission of technology and culture between East and West at a very early date.


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