Thursday, 22 August 2013

DRAKE RADIO : COSMIC VOICE with TANAATH ... Questions you would ask ET 22nd AUGUST 2013





Tanaath, a friend of Tolec Drake and

“a human-incarnated member of the Silver Legion who is authorized to speak on behalf of the Silver Legion to others living in this 3D reality.”

Members of the Silver Legion have been recruited from various levels of higher-layered realities, and even some from neighbouring universes in our multiverse. Some have been recruited from the ranks of embodied, spiritually aware Lightwarriors currently alive on Earth. However, because the Silver Legion has not advertised its presence, there are not as many humans as we would like.

Earth is not the only realm in which we have been active. The Silver Legion has been actively working against tyranny and oppression experienced by other races and cultures in other places – on various levels of the other planes and in other dimensions. We come in under request and perform a variety of functions from peacekeeping and mediation between warring factions to defense and protection of noncombatants and the innocent. In the years before we were ready to contribute to the defense of Earth, we strengthened and trained ourselves by helping out elsewhere. Long after Earth is free, we will continue to help others throughout the multiverse in the same way. There are many other peoples in the same situation that Earth humans have been in.

The Silver Legion is a sovereign entity in itself and is not organized under any nation, planet, species, or other political or racial lines. That said, we do have allies, including the Andromeda Council - an interstellar council made up of planets in the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions, in both this galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy. This is perhaps our most recognizable ally at current. We have other allies, however, the names of these would not currently have any meaning to humanity as it exists in the 3rd dimension, behind the Veil as it is.
She claims that our original form was much more advanced, and that we were actually downgraded from being higher beings than we were.

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