Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Deal Made For Planet Earth … Malevolent ET Race – Gordon Duff (MJ12) with Mike Harris

Miguel was on the air for 21 minutes, and offered a range of information, extremely credibly, that made your hair stand on end. He seemed both plausible and credible.

In an extraordinary series of intriguing snippets — many of which Gordon Duff interrupted and therefore remained incomplete — Miguel stated that huge earth changes were on their way (and hinted that they would not be man-made or natural), combined with food shortages that will make people want to be in the FEMA camps to be fed. Not only that, but there would be solar problems that would require people to be underground for short periods of time.

And much more besides, including a non-human threat that we might not even want to think about.
Miguel said that we have to unfocus on everything we spend so much wasted time talking about, and focus on organizing to hunker down to survive, because it’s the only important question. He stated that ETs and politics really don’t matter at all compared with that.

Most of this would seem so extreme as to be laughable, but the worrying thing is that he came across as so highly credible.
The 21 minute extract of the caller’s contribution is here. It starts at 1:03:00 on the recording of the entire show.

http://projectavalon.net/Extract_from_insider_caller_Miguel_-_Deal_Made_For_Planet_Earth_with_Malevolent_ET_Rac e_-_Gordon_Duff_(MJ12)_with_Mike_Harris_21_March_2013 .mp3

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