Tuesday, 12 November 2013


"Preparing" - A Multi Perspective Analysis 
of Celestial & ET Happenings. 
This gentleman has some interesting insights, 
questions & observations.

by RICKtheFRICK November 8, 2013

​So apparently you, and Alex Collier may be the first people to actually have been serious, and truthful, in saying Aliens are coming, and they mean peace.

So I went around researching this comet, or in your words, a biosphere. I also looked into the Annuaki, Inua, Hydra,and Draconian, or in most people's words, Dragon reptilians. So here's what added to your credibility. Ison to some astronomers may be a REALLY small planet sized object. So that adds credibility to your case considering it's about...eh half the diameter of Pluto.

Considering the Andromedans are able to an extent "spawn" materials, resources wouldn't be a problem, the problem would be physically putting the materials together. Then I looked at this 3 hour movie cut into 22 parts about how Reptilian influence in our society is HUGE. It also brings about the possibility that there may be another sentient Reptilian species living underground and if the hollow Earth theory is true, it may explain these mythical places, and a few strange pictures that show a massive hole in the poles, for whatever reason.

Next is that Ison has been discovered to be releasing a jet forward, which according to I suppose astronomers, is supposed to not happen, because it would've not reached here at such a velocity if from the entire time it was discovered it was releasing a very gentle jet forward. Could it be the biosphere correcting it's course to go in orbit around Earth? We'll find out maybe. As well as your predictions that there may be some natural disasters popping around at an unusual rate seems to be happening, China is especially prone at this time apparently. Now the brown dwarf, supposedly 2 objects were caught that is suspected to be coming towards us, a "black sun" or brown dwarf, and a possible planet.

Should that be true, then I only ask, WHAT THE HELL?

Why are they doing this, did we have a say? Isn't this our solar system at least? Then I found somewhere I think on humansarefree.com where a man says he works in the Navy, and it's the military with real power, and they've created a triangular craft with 3 vents for thrust, one in the back, 2 on the sides. And an anti-gravity system. According to him, in 80 minutes from the moment they pack up equipment, to the actual flight itself, they can reach Elenin, which he claims is broadcasting signals, maybe you can shed light on Elenin?

So that's what I found so far, if this comes true, in 1-2 1/2 months we'll be truly free I guess. Only problem then is figuring out new technology and trading with whoever wants to trade. By the way, can you tell me about the Annuaki, are they friendly? I keep hearing they really, really hate the Draconians in particular, that they won't hesitate with killing them all


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