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Our Past, Present, and Future

Polar Mythology describes three phases of history. The first concerns the past, how all of “this” began: the bygone Golden Age, primordial warring among the gods, and their ruining of the cosmic framework. It concludes with higher beings, positive and/or negative, falling into a lower realm of existence.

The first phase was best portrayed in the Matrix films where a Golden Age of robotics gave way to a schism between man and machine, a global war erupted between them, and the human race was subsequently imprisoned in a computer simulated reality. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s plight with Miss Gulch was interrupted by a tornado (vortex) that, through a traumatic bump to the head, transported Dorothy to the Land of Oz where her conflict continued in a symbolic fashion. And in books like Philip K. Dick’s Ubik or films like Donnie Darko, Vanilla Sky, and Jacob’s Ladder the protagonist had fallen into an alternate reality due to some trauma.

The second phase concerns the present, our world, which sprang into existence as a consequence of the Fall. The traumatic consequences of the first phase induced a collective sleep. Hence we have “fallen” asleep into the World Dream, knocked spiritually unconscious. Here, the openly warring forces of the first phase continue their struggle in a dormant, sub rosa, symbolic, cold war fashion. The World Dream functions as a chessboard of sorts, a game played to decide the outcome of larger conflicts.

Now that higher beings are here, fallen and asleep, what are they to do? What is their purpose? What is their way out? These are the questions explored in Polar Mythology’s treatment of the second phase.

The third phase concerns our future, how the consequences of the first phase will reach their ultimate conclusion. Whether one consults Biblical eschatology, Ra / Cassiopaean paradigms, Scandinavian mythology, etc… the Third Phase is always depicted as ending with a final war and the dissolution of the world as we know it.

The Matrix Trilogy ends with Neo and Agent Smith waging their final battle within the Matrix, utterly destroying it, while mankind endures its last stand against the machines back in the real world. In Donnie Darko, a vortical portal ends the alternate timeline spanning the duration the film. In Vanilla Sky, after enduring a simulated dream gone awry, the protagonist finally awakens from suspended animation. These and similar books and movies, as well as the apocalyptic/prophetic portions of Polar Mythology, all provide clues about the fate of our timeline.


A primordial schism arose between the Creator and portions of its Creation, namely the Demiurge, which developed a rogue parasitic extension called the Corrupt Demiurge. This was the First Fall.

Beings within Creation, possessing the power of freewill, harmonized with the Creator or the Corrupt Demiurge depending on whether they respected the divine framework or turned their back on it. Those who aligned with the Corrupt Demiurge carried out their parasitic agenda of survival at the expense of others.

In its original form, humanity may have been a lesser evolved but benign species created by well-meaning genetic engineers. At some point they came into contact with alien civilizations that were agents of the Corrupt Demiurge. Whether by choice or sheer ignorance, the result was genetic modification of terrestrial humanity toward becoming a fundamentally self-serving species divested of psychic sensitivity and divine harmonization. Humans were spiritually dumbed down but intellectually enhanced. This was the Second Fall, depicted in the story of Adam and Eve.

The Third Fall involved members of the meta-civilization located in our distant past, likely ancestors of the Nordic aliens who inhabited the planet that is now the Asteroid Belt. After demiurgic wars destroyed their planet, the survivors set up camp on Earth, bringing with them the Grail Stone technology. The Superman, Lucifer Rebellion, and Neutral Angels myths seem to depict this.

Their contact with the natives and resulting technological osmosis led to the rise of such fabled civilizations as Atlantis and Hyperborea. These were brought to an end by fluctuations in the Etheric Tide, terrestrial abuses of demiurgic technology, and natural disasters, signifying the Fourth Fall.

Advanced survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm migrated around the world and established new civilizations, impressing their own technology, culture, and mythology onto uncivilized natives. Some brought with them remnant fragments of Atlantean demiurgic technology, and these became the basis of various magical artifacts recounted in myth.

The Grail/Ark Stone was one such artifact entrusted to an elite Egyptian priesthood. The Hyksos invasion of 1628 B.C. and Akhenaten/Osarseph rebellion around 1350 B.C. resulted in hijacking and abuse of the Stone, allowing deeper intrusion of the Corrupt Demiurge into our world and a heavy deviation of the timeline. This was the Fifth Fall.

The next one occurred via the Great Apostasy, the hijacking of the teachings of Christ by the forces of Set/Yahweh/Demiurge. This began around 50 A.D. with the misguided activities of Saul the Roman who converted to Paul the Apostle after encountering a blinding light. Together with the subsequent penning of the Canonical Gospels, this case of timeline intervention by otherworldly forces ultimately produced the Roman Catholic Church, which became directly or indirectly responsible for the death of millions of heretics and unsanctioned psychic/gnostic bloodlines, and the spiritual enslavement of billions more. Meanwhile the Jewish presence in history served as a sand in the oyster that eventually produced the black pearl of Nazism, which became the nucleus of the Military Industrial Complex, which since 1960 has been working feverishly on behalf of negative alien factions to prepare our planet for final assimilation. That’s a brief rundown of how our world came to be so screwed up. It happened through an incremental series of falls that seem to trace back to the primordial schism between Logos and Demiurge.

To engage the higher means to get Spirit back online in our lives, minds, bodies, and souls. Feelings are harmonized with Spirit via devotion, humility, compassion, understanding, patience, forbearance, and love. Life is harmonized via higher thoughts and feelings initiating synchronistic support and wise action clearing the way of obstacles. And the lower mind is harmonized when it becomes aware of information streaming from Spirit. The latter occurs in small flashes when, through contemplation, intuition leads to revelation, and revelation builds wisdom and discernment. But it doesn’t become a constant light until the mind achieves continuity of consciousness between waking and dreaming states, so that even while awake one can access the dream state and thus receive communications from the subconscious, which is really a gateway to the higher mind.

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