Friday, 22 November 2013

Silver Legion Announcement : TANAATH


Corey Taylor Talks - December 12, 2013 show

by Tanaath on 11/22/13

Hello all. I've agreed to go on the Corey Taylor Talks show with Corey Taylor, of Vegas All-Net Radio. This is the same radio station that hosts Vince of the Talk With Vince Show, a show I've spoken on a few times, now.

Corey's show is Thursday nights from 6-7 PM PST. Yes, I know this conflicts with Drake's show, but both are archived, and I'm not on Drake's show right now. I usually listen when I can, but I'll need to take a pass on the 12th.

The call in number for the show is +1-702-483-4444. Corey has a Facebook page (for anyone who still does Facebook).

Corey's shows often deal with youth topics, so I really have no idea what kinds of questions she's looking to ask. There might be some opportunities for listeners to call and ask questions. Try to keep them PG-13, since I think this show has a lot of youth listeners.

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