Monday, 4 November 2013

Sunfire UPDATE ... Galactic Federation of Planets Global Ambassador


Andromeda Council Confirms Ships On Back Side Of Moon

One of the other reasons they are here is that they are planning to... they are prepared & are looking forward to... the dimensional up-shift that will happen throughout this whole solar system. As far more emotionally & spiritually advanced humans - they already have extensive knowledge as to HOW this higher dimensional transformation will take place to planet Earth; they know what to expect, changes large & small. Which... is why as 3D organic humans they will be able to provide whatever assistance is necessary.

Drake says that the ships that are behind the moon are friendlies

Sunfire says .... Those ships parked around/behind the moon are positive allied ships from multiple different star systems. I can not and will not reveal which star systems as that information is classified. But I did want to assure you all that they are positive allies of the GFOP and Silver Legion. I hope this answers your question. 

ALSO ... There is far more than 3 ships behind/around the moon and they are not all from that one system, if any of them even are, which I doubt at this point according to my sources anyway. And they are not just limited to 3D ships, there are 4D, 5D etc. But I can assure everyone they are definitely positives. That's as far as I can comment on this.

Much like Tanaath, I don't do timeframes, sorry. It's near impossible to predict cosmic events with any accuracy, even the ET can not narrow it down do to the very nature of time it's self, time frames are always "subject to change". I can tell you the Transition WILL happen, and it can not be stopped. "Dislcosure" has been happening for decades, so unless you further define what you mean by "disclosure"? Everything I've seen people define "Disclosure" as, has already happened or is happening on a daily basis. There are many ships, that are already actively involved in earth's changes....All this is visible, all people have to do is just open their eyes and look around them, or do a bit of research online.... 

Sunfire, Galactic Federation of Planets Global Ambassador.

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