Saturday, 30 November 2013



Alright, alright, enough about ISON. It is a spacecraft. It is a spacecraft made from a hollowed-out asteroid, mostly using a ballistic trajectory in order to save energy on travel, because the people who made it still suffer from things like shortage and lack because they have not mastered (or lost the mastery of) above-unity energy generation. It was sent by an enemy, but I'm informed by my people that it is no longer under enemy control. However, there was some usefulness to the damn thing, so it wasn't just blown up before it entered the system. What usefulness? Apparently this is still operational information.

So those who are saying 'it's a comet' and those who say 'it's a spaceship' are both partially right. It's a comet that also happens to be a spaceship. And it is not a 'biosphere' from anyone friendly, although the people who made it may have very well named it 'Xanterexx'.

And honestly right now, 'nothing obvious happened' is about the best we could hope to see from this flying piece of turd. The alternative was not much fun at all.

There'll be another comet next year, which will no doubt evoke another round of 'end of the world' idiocy, only to fly harmlessly by or get disintegrated somehow. (Assuming nothing else changes down here, anyway). And then there'll be one again at some time in the future... we will never run out of flying space rocks that people will seize upon to start crying doom over. Just like they've been screaming doom about every other flying space rock ever to cross our sights.

Don't play that game, people. These rocks are a non-issue. Regardless of whether they are ships or rocks or both, or who sent them, as long as anyone up there remains alive and working for the 'let's not kill and/or enslave Terrans' side, they're not going to do any damage to us. Period. And in the meantime, I'm going to keep on working on that 'assuming nothing changes' part, because I want to see this planet liberated, not continuing in an endless cycle of oppression and slavery.

That is the last I care to say about Ison. Freak out elsewhere.

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