Saturday, 3 May 2014



Those who control, the government, elite, Jesuits, the whole bunch, fear just about everything.

They're afraid of losing their money, control and everything they own!  Another gigantic fear is free energy. They fear people growing super healthy foods that can heal the worse diseases that they WILL NEVER cure, super foods that can grow almost anywhere including the desert. They fear technologies that will reverse the environmental damage they continue doing by oil drilling, fracking, mountaintop removal, strip mining, nuclear waste burial, chemtrail spraying, etc.  They fear the abolishment of their paper fiction - the slavery of the money system.

They fear evolution.

If you still believe that those who are destroying your health, poisoning your food, exterminating species, destroying the world's rainforests, our oceans, and our planet will disclose UFOs - you wait in vain. It ain't gonna happen.

Documentary by Greg Mars

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  1. The BLUE PLANET PROJECT book has some interesting illustrations of different types of aliens, Could they be real?