Friday, 9 May 2014






”People are also becoming aware that suffering was never intended to be part of life experience and are finally realizing this Earth duality experiment was an error which needs to be corrected. This Correction is coming through the process of the return of Light.”





I am this, I will be that, I will be better still. This idea of climbing, getting better and better and better, nobler and nobler, getting less and less angry, violent and so on, is measurement. Our brains are trained to measure. This measurement was given to the Western world by the Greeks, the ancient Greeks on whose philosophy, democracy from those Greeks, and the whole mathematical, philosophical world is based in the Western world – measurement is technology.

Systems ….. which is to follow a pattern laid down by somebody who says, ‘I know and you don’t know. I am the guru, follow this’ – which is too childish. But we all want to follow somebody. The more bizarre it is, absurd it is, the greater we… We are so gullible.

There is a silence which is entirely different, which is the silence of a brain which has no movement. In that silence alone there can be that which is sacred. The things thought has created are not sacred. The things that thought has invented are not holy. But we worship the things which thought has created. See the game we play. That is, I worship a symbol, a figure, that figure, that symbol is created by thought, invented, moulded by hand or by the mind, and then thought says, ‘I must worship that’, which is worshipping itself.

‘I have achieved. I am illumined’ - the very words ‘I am illumined’ is… it’s something abominable.

And we pray to that.

Nature is part of our life. We grew out of the seed, the earth, and we are part of all that. But we are rapidly losing the sense that we are animals like the others. Can you have a feeling for that tree, look at it, see the beauty of it, listen to the sound it makes; be sensitive to the little plant, to the little weed, to that creeper that is growing up the wall, to the light on the leaves and the many shadows? One must be aware of all this and have the sense of communion with nature around you. You may live in a town but you do have trees here and there. A flower in the next garden may be ill-kept, crowded with weeds, but look at it, feel that you are part of all that, part of all living things. If you hurt nature you are hurting yourself.

I AM not faith, not belief, not rituals, not authority.

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