Friday, 16 May 2014

David Wilcock Update to Last Article … You are going to see the Cabal crumble … and Disclosure will occur

DOES THIS EVENT HAVE ANY GREATER SYNCHRONICITY? [referring to the appearance of Air Force 1 when David arrived at LAX]

Bear in mind that the title of my most recent book is The Synchronicity Key.


The whole book is based on the concept that “meaningful coincidences” are not happening by accident, but by deliberate design. The radio show I just posted talks extensively about disclosure. I stated that ET humans have visited every US President in his office for the last 100 years. Additionally, this article I wrote to accompany the show is all about the exposure and defeat of the Cabal. The very first thing I saw in my home town, other than the airport, was the President of the United States coming in for a landing. All the men with cameras reminded me of the type of hubbub you would expect in the event of a massive UFO sighting — a large object in the sky…

” Given the powerful nature of what is happening in the world right now, I couldn’t help but see this event as being significant. If nothing else, it seemed to strongly underline what so many other dreams and real-world data points have been saying…

” Seeing Air Force One land in my home town, right beside me, right after I landed in my own plane, only made the message even stronger: “Get ready. This is really going to happen. You are going to see the Cabal crumble… and Disclosure will occur.”“


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