Tuesday, 6 May 2014

David Icke Interview Outside The Box ... WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ?


Jason Liosatos talk with David Icke about fear, indoctrination, and our great responsibility to escape its many forms which perpetuate our system of debt, suppression, and the false belief that humanity is free.

David helps us understand our system that programmes people, and keeps us in a revolving door of anxiety, debt and fear, and how it has lassoed the expanded awareness, creativity and perception of the population, making our insane system seem normal.

We remind people that our feelings of despair, emptiness, anxiety and depression are normal responses from a healthy mind and body in a system which is horribly imbalanced and suppressing it.

We also talk about the importance of us reconnecting with our feelings, intuitive perception, and the urgency to see past our labels of race and religion which keep us fighting ourselves and each other.

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