Monday, 5 May 2014

A “harmonic” that has opened a consciousness wormhole … DEFEATING THE SORCERORS


Cliven Bundy – Donald Sterling.
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If you are wondering, right now, how we are going to tie Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling (Clippers) together, then you are asking the right question.

First, let’s look at what happened at the Bundy Ranch.??????

The US Federal Gov. was backed down. When was the last time that the American public backed down the US Gov. with firearms??????????????????????????

When, when, when, when, when???????????????????????????????
Exactly our point.

What Cliven Bundy does not know is that his actions, along with his supporters (because of its rarity) have created a “harmonic” that has opened a consciousness wormhole. Sound odd? It should. But, it’s real.

The Illuminati understand that this consciousness “gateway” must be shut. If not it will spread like wildfire through the collective consciousness of the populace and invariably change perceptions.

That’s why they demonized Cliven with highly edited “racial comments” that were highly out of context.
They were so scared of the energy that the “harmonic” produced that they actually told the owner of the Clippers to fabricate the racial comments that are all over the news currently. Yes, Donald Sterling is a “pawn” in the larger story of what’s happening.

The Illuminati are trying to fight the energy of the “harmonic” with energy from racial tensions and aggression around the fabricated Cliven Bundy / Donald Sterling comments.

Ask yourself this? What US city has had a solid history of racial tantrumns? Los Angeles!!!!!! From the Watts riots to Rodney King. Thats why Donald Sterling was picked. The energy of the city already has a history. It’s “racial caulderon” properties are already seared into the American mind. The energy is already there. Plus, the Clippers are in the play-offs – more energy potential. Do you see?

The Illuminati are masters of negative communication / dis-information / and media control of people. They know how to throw peoples thought energy for their own purposes and agenda. They do it all the time. That’s part of their control over humanity, and it works.

But, it’s not gonna work this time. It just won’t have the “punch” that they expect.
Result of the Cliven Bundy wormhole “harmonic”?

Watch for more human to human connectivity in the future. Oh, let’s say from now over the next six months. Just watch and notice.

Sounds crazy????? Yes, we know! But, this is the kinda stuff that happens at very high levels. It’s high level “Black Sorcery”.

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