Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paul Hellyer Former Defence Minister of Canada - UFO's free energy and the global financial fraud

At 89, former Canadian Cabinet Minister Paul Hellyer is still as active as ever, and deeply engaged in a wide variety of world issues, the most urgent of which is the world monetary and financial system. In this discussion he talks about free energy suppression, the subject of UFO's/ET's, the global financial fraud/meltdown and more.

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  1. Saw Paul Helyer on the Alex Jones Show - 3 or 4 days ago!
    Your attitude against Globalist Government was fine up to the point of where Alex Jones asked you if you believe in carbon being detrimental to the atmosphere! That was the area where you and I are at odds all of that Carbon Science is fraud and has been proved so, several times over!

    For a back-up to what I say - I back it with this information! There is much more to fo along with this, however this is a new article - so I will email this article link to start!
    Terry Black -

    Re: erry Black
    Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere | The...
    Practically everything you have been told by the mainstream scientific community and the media about the alleged detriments of greenhouse gases, and particularly carbon dioxide, appears to be false.