Wednesday, 1 May 2013

James Gilliland ~ The Great Yak Escape Part 2 UFOs and the New Energies

The skies have been very active the past few days over ECETI. On Friday night April 26th in around 30 minutes we witnessed at least 40 craft. They seemed to be coming from every direction, powering up in tremendous bursts of energy, splitting into two then back to one, responding to the lasers and the people’s requests on the ground. Many were very excited which seems to excite the occupants of the ships as well.

Thursday night with the full moon energies opened the door to the great Yak escape part 2. The last full moon brought the same experience. Again we used our techniques of divination to find the herd and just as before they were spot on, 2 miles to the west. We went 2 miles to the west and there they were. Herding them back was much more peaceful this time, they cooperated and I left the motor cycle out of the equation this time. Validation of spirit never gets old and we are always glad to know we have allies on high to assist us in out everyday challenges. The next couple of days consisted of fence mending and shoring up weak areas.

There were two gamma ray bursts that hit the Earth, those who are sensitive felt them and personally I was a bit wobbly and spacey with the energies. Gamma rays are 7th dimensional energies it is like being bathed in your own Godself descending into the body. Whereas there are those who are not so sensitive they would just get a bit agitated or go into process. These full moons, solar flares, gamma ray bursts and planetary alignments as well as the alignment with galactic plane are changing the planet on every level. We can use these energies to awaken and heal, observing what is coming up and going within or create more chaos through blame and projection. Sometimes there is a little of both determined by the spiritual advancement of the individual.

There has been a war going on between the alter ego and the soul over bringing the ego into proper alignment. There are unseen negative influences as well that feed off the chaos, emotional trauma, pain and suffering. The light workers more than ever have been under attack as some of the darkest energies come forward in friends, families and lovers utilizing the unhealed trauma of the past.

I was told the real God is coming. It is a frequency and a force which in its most unlimited understanding is love and bliss. Anything that does not align with it is in turmoil. Anything that is not in alignment with soul and spirit is falling away, separating as the polarities increase. The old paradigm and matrix is coming to an end and there will be those who take the downward spiral allowing the traumatized ego programmed by the old matrix to guide them in choice and action. There will be those who awaken and heal taking the upward spiral living in harmony with each other and nature on the path to ascension. The lines are being drawn and the choices and actions from here on out will determine ones future.

The 5th dimensional overlay pressing in on the Earth cannot be stopped. The 3rd dimensional matrix focused on the external awareness, social consciousness, a manipulated reality and sense of self, is falling apart. The inner awareness of the God within – Christ consciousness – is taking its place.

I was told there would be chaos before the peace. The awakening and healing process can be a bit messy as the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience surface, along with the manipulations of the archons (unseen negative influences) which instigate and feed on these energies. We are just hitting the apex of this process.

If we are to continue on planet Earth we are going to have to awaken, heal, choose to align with soul and spirit. There are agreements, contracts or soul purposes aligned with spirit which need to be honored and completed. This is not an option. There are those on high waiting to assist those who find themselves off track due to choices and actions, often influenced by social consciousness programming or these unseen negative influences.

Now is the time to choose. Call out to your brothers and sisters on high. Ask them for help, guidance and clarity of mind. Ask them how can you best serve in the awakening and healing process. Learn how to heal unseen negative influences, safeguards for clear guidance. This is the only real security in the days to come. The matrix serves itself and when it falls those who serve the beast fall with it.

Be well,
James Gilliland

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