Monday, 13 May 2013


According to what we are seeing, there is 'a huge unknown energy force' that has decided to pull 'the invisible strings of the elite' and bring down its enormous 'global system' awash with all types of 'fraudulent and vice ridden acts'. Only in this way can we be 'happy', raise our 'vibrational frequency of quantum light lost for centuries' and take 'our rightful place' in the evolutionary process, as takes place on other advanced worlds.

Therefore, 'a very powerful Earth-cosmos connecting force' is being created and 'eminent figures and professionals' are contributing to this noble mission. They work with magistrates, prosecutors, judges and lawyers to thoroughly shatter the network and this power that has been 'mistakenly managed' for so many years.

Their objective is the definitive 'overthrow and removal' of 'the Nibiruan-Alien elite', who persist in 'securing and perpetuating' their enslaving power at all costs.

Nonetheless, to accomplish this process of 'disbandment and transformation', the incredible yet terribly censored 'free-toroidal energy' plays a fundamental role. It was discovered by the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla, and taken up again many years later by other men of science, such as Guglielmo Marconi, Edward Leedskalnin, Viktor Grebennikov, John Bedini, John Hutchison, Dr Royal Raymond Rife, Eugene Mallove...

There is also the case of the nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, who created 'the Keshe Foundation' that has made known an 'anti-gravitational plasma' revolutionary technology, which could make 'journeys to outer space' possible, as well as apply this 'renewable energy' to transport, science, 'medicine, electricity', etc. He was even able to 'produce a flying saucer', similar to those of the beings from 'evolved worlds'.

Twenty thousand years ago the ‘Cabal’ took over the ley lines and vortices of our planet and that is how they created the veil. There was a positive Light Grid of protection around our planet. The Cabal knew about this and worked and took over this grid. Here is an example of the type of things they did to affect this.

Light temples that had been built on the positive Light grid were destroyed. 1600 years ago the Catholic Church with the help of the Reptilians tore down each Temple or Church. They then built Archon Temples over the sites.

Until the moment 'the hologram' in which we are immersed 'fully opens', 'the resistance and opposition' of the dark ones will not cease.

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