Thursday, 2 May 2013

ETs/EDs Scrap Planetary Stabilization ... Rocky Ride Ahead

ETs/EDs Report “Earth Changes Accelerating!”

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) of the LF (Liberation Forces) have exclusively revealed not only that Earth changes are accelerating, but that the balancing approach has shifted, too. Things are messy and about to get worse when it comes to natural disasters.

Dancing between some disclosure and too much disclosure, a senior LF commander indicated the previously discussed PSS (Planetary Stabilization Ships) ...

These vessels are enormously expensive, are custom built at starbases  by other ETs/EDs who do such highly demanding work. The stakes can be nothing less than species survival, for two such dedicated ships are keeping this planet from ripping asunder!

... have been withdrawn, together with their commander. They’ve been replaced by new vessels, whose function wasn’t made clear, together with a new commander for this as yet unnamed group.
ETs/EDs Now Practicing Planetary Triage

What is clear from the ETs/EDs is that the old planetary stabilization model wasn’t working, engendering situations very nearly disastrous at a global level. “Sometimes, being helpful doesn’t help.” The ETs/EDs have been doing a fine balancing act between allowing gradual Earth expansion, reportedly tied to such phenomena as sinkholes, and geological and meteorological destruction beyond comprehension.

“Earth came very close, recently, to reaching a tipping point. Had that occurred, even we would’ve been powerless to stop the resulting cascade of effects.” Just one of those effects would’ve been a a major polar shift, a la Charles Hapgood, together with devastating winds well beyond even the worst super storm.

“You of Earth came perilously close lately, as a result of the Iran-Pakistan 7.8. That overtaxed even our systems. We barely kept things from spinning utterly out of control” the ETs/EDs soberly report. And this with no interdimensional wars raging!

“From this, we came to the realization that we simply couldn’t hold Mother Earth in check the way we had before. It mattered not our intentions had been good. The internal pressures and strains had to be allowed more natural release. Our efforts to help, sadly, were in some ways making things worse. Therefore, we are shifting to what you’d call a triage model. Think of us as having only limited ability to help Mother Earth, with the priority’s being to keep her alive, even at the expense of some of her symbionts. You people of Earth.”
ETs/EDs Explain How Planetary Triage Will Work

“In the past,” the ETs/EDs say, “multiple forces have been at work preventing large scale natural catastrophes from occurring.” The situation now, though, is that ” No longer can human means or ours stay what Earth will do. Interfering in the natural expression and movement of Earth merely makes things worse when they do express.” What does this mean?

“It means that big cities and vulnerable regions no longer get a free pass, with the blow instead falling on some luckless indigenous people in what you call the boonies. We understand now that our efforts to avoid huge casualties, and the dislocation and trauma associated with them, have backfired and placed the entire populace of the planet in jeopardy. No more!” The proof of the increased planetary activity can be seen in this Magnitude 6 and up earthquake list covering a mere five days. For perspective, a Magnitude 6 quake is equal to 1 MT (one megaton), and a 7.8 is 500 MT. The Hiroshima blast was 0.15 MT!

Earthquakes- April 16-21 (USGS)

7.8 83km E of Khash, Iran 2013-04-16
7.2 250km ENE of Kuril’sk, Russia 2013-04-19
6.6 23km ESE of Aitape, Papua New Guinea 2013-04-16
6.6 50km WSW of Linqiong, China 2013-04-20
6.1 98km SE of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 2013-04-20
6.1 Izu Islands, Japan region 2013-04-21
6.0 136km SE of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia 2013-04-19 Update 4/23/13: The 6.6 in China reported above has killed nearly 200 people, injured nearly 7000 more, destroyed well over 10,000 homes and spread panic as far as the gigantic city of Chongqing. Details here on Discovery News.

ETs/EDs Say “Transition Will Be Rough.” We’re to Relax.

The sweetness and light types are going to find themselves most unhappy, for Earth’s transition to the 4th Dimension is reportedly (via a Ground Contingent who later joined the intuitive/telepathic discussion) going to be rough and messy. The best course, though, is to relax and stay centered.

ETs/EDs (extraterrestrials/ extradimensionals) of the Liberation Forces  are doing something, over and above fighting a raging multidimensional war, people still keep asking “What are the ETs/EDs doing for us?”



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