Monday, 6 May 2013

ETs/EDs Announce ...There’s a War on Mars

ETs/EDs, A Ground Contingent & Earth Psychopaths


ETs/EDs Defend Mars! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NASA

ETs/EDs (Extraterrestrials/ Extradimensionals) are vigorously defending Mars against attack from reported Earth Psychopaths. The exact power groups are unknown, but the way this is being done excludes certain unknown blocs, guaranteeing friction to come. These ETs/EDs aren’t the somewhat familiar ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces. Rather, they’re Cat People. Yes, Cat People!

Some of you reading this may recall the posts I did on asteroid YU-55. In the last one, I talked about the reasons for diverting YU-55, which might well have hit Earth, absent direct intervention.We tried, but ETs/EDs thwarted our effort and used their own approach instead. The diversion wasn’t merely to protect Earth, but to protect an outpost of the Cat People on YU-55. These YU-55 based Cat People are not back, but some of their relatives are on Mars. More on this shortly.

ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces had been making rumblings about something that was happening on Mars, but it was a Ground Contingent which got the gist so I could get involved and pursue the matter. That ground contingent isn’t familiar with or comfortable with military matters and technology, whereas I am. Quite a story when I “looked” into it! The terrestrial Psychopaths, not being content with owning practically all of Earth and controlling most of her people, were looking to waltz in and take over Mars. This didn’t go over well with the Cat People, who defended it fiercely.

ETs/EDs (Cat People), 4D & Mars–The Unlikely Vacation Spot

The Ground Contingent encouraged me to start my 4-D exploration of Mars using the intelligently built Face on Mars at Cydonia. There, I discovered the entire huge structure was inside some sort of energy tesseract or hypercube. This the 4th dimensional expression of our terrestrial cube and can take many forms. I don’t pretend to understand much of such geometry, but that’s what I perceived while there.

Next, I took a look at the D&M Pyramid. Named by Hoagland for DiPietro and Molenaar, its discoverers at the Goddard Space Flight Center, the pyramid is a pentagonal structure at Cydonia which analysis revealed isn’t a natural formation at all. The D&M Pyramid was enclosed in an energy sphere. Surprised by what I found, Ground Contingent then guided me to the scene of battle, at some unknown location on Mars. The ferocious battle was being waged to keep an invading fleet run by Earth leader Psychopaths from taking over Mars. It pitted Cat People against the invaders, with the Cat People on/in Mars and the would-be invaders in relatively crude spaceships. Lots of them. The Cat People were dug in behind force fields, blazing away with big, unseen by me energy weapons which either fired through the shields or somehow were opened over a tiny portion to allow outbound fire, then closed instantly. Incoming energy bolts hit the shields and flared, but nothing got through. Got through to the vital rest and healing center for the Cat People. Mars! But first, a bit of backstory.

ETs/EDs, Stargates, The Moon & Mars

For well over a week prior to writing this, I’d been subjected to and still am undergoing terrible GI issues. Ground Contingent noted this had happened before to me when stargates were opening and closing. Ground Contingent soon determined, using bilocation better than mine and other means, that the stargates in question were at Mars and the Moon. Certain conclusions were drawn to the effect there was some sort of combat occurring and that casualties from the fight were being transported, via stargate, to a large interstellar species hospital complex on the Moon. This facility was set up by the Liberation Forces to treat casualties from the earlier wars against the Reptoids and to deal with certain other contingencies, which remain sensitive. 


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