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I think it’s worth repeating here since it seems to relate:

Nothing will suffice but absolute
Terran freedom 11 APRIL 2014



Some thoughts on the recent claims that ‘Andromedans’ will be taking people on biospheres without their knowledge and consent to another planet in order to repeat the ‘experiment’…

(This is in reference to material from Thomas Hughes claiming that the Andromedans intend to take a portion of 3D humans that are felt to be unready to ascend and transfer them to a biosphere in which they will live in a holograph that mimics this reality until they are delivered to a new planet. This transfer is supposed to be seamless and imperceptible to the one being transferred.)

I have no idea if this is true or not. What I do know is that anyone who is proposing doing anything to any Terran human without their full conscious knowledge and consent is really out of line. No matter what they may claim about the agreement of the soul in this matter, the conscious knowledge and consent of the embodied Terran is required for this to be anything but yet more tyranny. The circumstances that exist on this planet are such that many things have been falsified to look as though souls have agreed to things they have not in fact agreed to. If even one individual were to be taken in such a way, in error, where they truly did not wish or did not agree to this, it would be a crime of interstellar proportions.

ALL TERRANS have a right to know – consciously – the truth of what has been done on this planet. Only when they have been informed and are able to make an informed, conscious decision, as an embodied Terran (not simply a ‘soul decision’, which cannot be validated or verified and could be interpreted in error by a third party) and as a soul, can any offer to return to the 3D to continue the experiment be made. If people should choose to return, then yes, they can be offered the opportunity to do so. But absolutely, under no circumstances, should this be done without full knowledge and consent by all parts of that being – including their Terran-embodied parts. There has already been too much abuse to permit something like this to take place.

Given that soul agreements on this planet were often falsified to begin with, any purported agreement of the soul to this kind of action can not be trusted. Blanket actions performed without the knowledge and consent of the people these actions are being performed on should not be tolerated. Embodied Terrans are not toys for ‘higher dimensionals’ to play with. Despite our current lifespans and situations, we on Earth are not incidental things whose decisions are irrelevant and need not be honoured. The value of any given Terran life is as infinite as any non-Terran. Our choices also matter. Neither the Andromeda Council nor any other group has the authority or right to migrate people from planet Earth without their knowledge or consent, especially not in the massive numbers such as proposed in this scheme. If you also feel you have a right to choose, and that others should have a right to choose with full knowledge of what that choice entails, hold that intention in your core and project it outwards like a radio broadcast. Let the universe know in no uncertain terms that you do not consent to having your friends and family stolen without their knowledge, by a third party that has not proven its own trustworthyness. Let the Andromedans – or any others – know that the legacy of lies and illusions must not continue with even more lies and illusions. Nothing will suffice but absolute Terran freedom. No beings have the right to ‘do’ anything to us. They never had that right in the first place, and the answer to that crime is not to continue it elsewhere.”




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