Thursday, 24 October 2013

Will There Be Power Outages in November?



Many blogs and web sites are sharing dire warnings of government imposed power interruptions as they perform “drills” to test and prove our grid is highly vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

They neglect to mention, however, that the members of the rogue US government are the terrorists. The biggest bully on the planet is the USA and everyone in the world but the American people knows it—that’s why they can get away with these false flags and acts of terror for decades.

There may well be power interruptions on the planet in November, but a very likely culprit will be the Sun and its petulant spouts of coronal mass ejections which are now spewing high volumes of energy directly at Earth. It’s not rocket science, and “D” at Removing the Shackles has been following it—a self-admitted amateur. She’s actually very good.

You may wish to read her post about that here.

Of course NASA and the rest of the US government know the chances that this will happen and of course they are keeping mum about it. They’d like to take credit for any interruptions, I’m sure.

Just be aware. Anything could happen when you take the CMEs into consideration along with the promised “drills” the government claim are so necessary.

As we learned with Hurricane Sandy a year ago, if there are power interruptions, people can be stuck in elevators, the incapacitated can’t get out of high rises, bank machines don’t work, stores are closed, it’s really dark, and OMG—THE TV DOESN’T WORK!!! No Internet, you probably can’t recharge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, garage doors don’t open automatically any more, refrigerators and freezers go off… the list gets long when you think about it. Generators become man’s best friend.

If you’re new and don’t know that in every false flag event we know of, including 9/11, the government has scheduled “drills” and just happen to have FEMA, medics, extra policing, etc. on hand. What foresight! What planning! What conniving drivel! Their so-called “drills” always go live and then SHTF.

The cabal is flat out desperate now to retain control and they continue to march forward with their heavily orchestrated schemes to manipulate the masses and inflict destruction, misery and depopulation.

It’s war, and we need to be on our guard, prepared for anything—all the while expecting the best, and meditating on a peaceful transition.

The Galactics are ready and waiting, Tolec says, with their “screaming fast ships” docked behind the moon and can be here in a flash with their highly advanced technologies if the cabal pulls another stunt like they tried in S. Carolina; the “October Surprise” we were warned about last year.

If the New World Order forces the issue, they may very well trigger The Event, effectively signing their fate. We shall see.

(Sigh… in re-reading the above, it sounds more like a page out of a fantasy novel, than reality. It’s so surreal to me, even now, after all this time. Aliens and spaceships come to fight the dark reptilian forces. Holy crap.)

Ahem! So, above all, we must remain calm. Martial law is what THEY want. We mustn’t comply.

They have the American people on edge now, destitute, starving, homeless, government shutdowns interrupting services, threat of WWIII, drone strikes on American citizens, bombs going off on city streets, directed energy weapons blowing up a fertizlizer plant, NSA spying on everything we say and do, journalists murdered in cold blood, scuffles with vets and arresting marching truckers in Washington, arresting vets in NYC, arresting people peacefully protesting Monsanto and GMOs, the Obamacare train wreck, gun confiscation, food stamps about to be cut off… the anxiety and fear are mounting in the unaware. They want THAT, too.

One more challenge—like a major power outage—could trigger anarchy in some areas. They already did a test in Detroit in September and New York City experienced commuter woes, too. They hand pick the locations of these “drills” so you can bet it will be a place where they get the most bang for their buck; heavily populated areas where as many people as possible will be affected and more liable to create chaos.

Despite Detroit officials admitting it was intentional, you’ll see Internet sites claiming it’s a conspiracy theory. Of course! It’s always a conspiracy theory! Whatever.

Conspiracy theories didn’t get us where we are today on this planet. It’s time people woke up and smelled the coffee. It’s rancid, but we automatons keep drinking it. Cheers!

Love and Light, my friends. These are interesting times, but the 99 per cent will prevail.


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