Thursday, 24 October 2013

Breaking -The Boys Are Back In Town – Behind The Moon ... TOLEC

Remember the Kabal is against the wall - a dangerous, rabid dog backed into a corner, fighting for it's last breath. 

Any plans the Kabal has on hold will be released. The Kabal will SAY, or DO ANYTHING and EVERYTHING within it's waning power to stay alive, and keep it's degenerate puppets in power

For the Kabal to suddenly realize that NO AMOUNT of DUMBS, nuclear, or plasma weapons, can prevail against The Force, and the Kabal's timeline escape hatches are CLOSED - LEAVING THEM nowhere to run - must be quite a jolt for the insane psychopath reptiles who were once so very confident of their ability to remotely dominate the Earth. 

The Kabal has suddenly been hit with the grim understanding (to the Kabal) and reality that NONE of their power and control centers - be it Brussels, Paraguay, New York, Denver, DC, the City, or the Vatican can stand against, or hold a candle to what they are about to experience.  

Andromeda Council confirms 

ships on back side of Moon

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